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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Voice of Youth 
(en francais)

Congratulations to Auriele Diotte for her fantastic idea. Many adults in Canada today should be taking notes. (H/T The Star)

From the C.A.F.E. Day website:

C.A.F.É. Day (Canadian Armed Forces Encouragement Day) was conceived by Auriele Diotte,a grade 8 student at Holy Redemer Catholic School in Pickering, Ontario. While reading a book about World War II, where Jewish people were sent to concentration camps, Auriele found her heart stirring. She thought that something needed to be done. How could she help make a difference in the lives of those involved in war? She thought of getting the younger generation together to appreciate and thank all those who regularly make tremendous sacrifices everyday. They put their lives at risk so that we may live safely in our land!

A Campaign to Encourage our Canadian Armed Forces

For the time it takes to sit and have a cup of coffee – we could write a thank you note to our men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces for the work they do and a job well done.

This would also be another generation’s way of responding to the traditions set up by our Canadian forefathers who established before us such important days like November 11th, Remembrance Day. Our forefathers have declared their motto ‘Lest We Forget!’
It is time for our generation to rise up with a fresh voice of commitment, declaring ‘We Will Remember!’

I would like to propose that C.A.F.É. Day be implemented on the first day of spring to reinforce to our troops that better days are ahead. Spring is often seen as a time of new beginnings, fresh hope and better tomorrows. It would be a day of celebrating the sacrifice that the troops already are making and have made just by entering into the military to serve and protect this country.

WE Speak at 6:08 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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