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...rambling rants, thoughts and musings on mostly political topics - from your late night blogger.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

This is my totally partisan, non-subjective, pick of the week, for someone from the Blogging Tories Blogroll.

While there are many high profile Blogging Tories, new members are joining every week. Many of these new members bring fresh ideas and approaches to policy, campaigning, blogging etc.

The pick of the week intends to highlight a mixture of both types of bloggers. This is not meant as a status symbol, but an encouragement for good bloggers to keep on.

Brent Colbert was gracious enough to design a logo for Site of the Week Picks to display on their site. Recepients are encouraged to link the logo back to this post to highlight others.

Week 28 - Colbert's Comments
"I Know I'm Right, What About You?"

Week 29 - A North American Patriot
Wonder Woman's One Line Bio - A Canadian conservative atheist with a passion for justice.

Week 30 - ToryBlue
One woman's conservative approach to the world.

Week 31 - Strong World
"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind. July 1, 1960. From the Canadian Bill of Rights. John G. Diefenbaker."

Week 32 - The Conservative Hipster
I'm a Conservative. And I'm a really nice guy.

Week 33 - Right in Canada
definition of a liberal: someone so open minded their brains have fallen out
"Nil illegitimi carborundum"

Week 34 - Craig Cantin
Just another hard working, small c Conservative, trying to make his way in the world and help make Canada a better place for all.

Week 35 - Spiderman's Web
Combating Asshattery and Moonbattery since 9:00AM this morning.I had to finish my coffee and donut eh?!

Week 36 - Wudrick Blog
or "How to defend freedom without scaring the children."

Week 37 - Bound by Gravity
I stand transfixed on the hard-packed dirt, my feet rooted in place as surely as a great oak.
Up above me birds fly by, riding the winds with a freedom I yearn to taste.
Perhaps one day I will learn to throw off these shackles and glide through the clear blue sky on gossamer wings, graceful and free.
Until then I will watch with a mixture of awe and envy, my neck craned upwards towards the heavens - towards the place that feels like home

Week 38 - Political Staples
A proud member of the Staple Family of blogs

Week 39 - Ottawa Young Conservatives
An Ottawa based online forum for supporters of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party!

Week 40 - Raging Ranter
A Blogging Tories and Red Ensign Brigade member
Even though he likes a late wierd, late night dish like Pizza and Gravy. :)

Week 41 - Arabian Dissent
Random rants from a 23 year old Arab-Canadian on, American, Canadian and Middle Eastern Politics. Here come the shockers: I'm a big supporter of George W. Bush and his anti-terrorism efforts. A strong believer in small-government and Reaganomics (while residing in the most left-wing location in North America, Quebec), and a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada. Started this blog hoping to refute lefty myths on Economics, Conservatism, Terrorism, the Middle East and the US.

Week 42 - Rantastic
The Housewife Diaries by Tamara

Week 43 - Blogging Party of Canada
Bloggers unite, it's our country, lets use the best of the top three parties agendas to create our own, truly Canadian agenda. Check under the "Master Plan" button for the latest debates and The Master Plan......

Week 44 -
Kinny's Comments
The Odd Rant & Referral To Conservative Blogs

Week 45 - Blogette
(send your tips, gripes and gossip to: blogette@gmail.com)

Week 46 - A Chick Named Marzi
Blogging by an oddity:A pro-American, conservative Canadian punk chick

Week 47 - Lunch Pale
Awash in a sea of caffeine, pressed against the belly of life, our hero Pale awaits his fate. Pale's sole purpose is intervening into the fate of mankind - well Canadian personkind anyway. "Release him unto this world so that the people may rejoice," and so it was, and so it will be.

Week 48 - The world according to: MAW
BIO: Mark-Alan Whittle has the knowledge, aptitude and life experience for critical thinking and reasoning. His dedication to informed decision making has given him a passion for research - he studies everything from meeting minutes and proposals, to laws and regulations, preparing himself to raise public awareness and intelligently question the decisions impacting families and children with disabilities.

Week 49 - Adventures in Bowling Green
Peter Martin Jaworski live from Bowling Green, Ohio, United States

Week 50 - Stephen Taylor
Conservative Party of Canada Pundit
Commentary on the new Conservative Party of Canada

Week 51 - Rite Turn Only

Week 52 -

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