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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blogging Tories Site of the Week 2006 
(en francais)

This is my totally partisan, non-subjective, pick of the week, for someone from the Blogging Tories Blogroll.

While there are many high profile Blogging Tories, new members are joining every week. Many of these new members bring fresh ideas and approaches to policy, campaigning, blogging etc.

The pick of the week intends to highlight a mixture of both types of bloggers. This is not meant as a status symbol, but an encouragement for good bloggers to keep on.

Week 1 - Small Dead Animals

Week 2 - Pomochristian

Week 3 - Kerplonka

Week 4 - Jack's Newswatch

Week 5 - Canadiana's Place

Week 6 - Dust My Broom

Week 7 - Babbling Brooks

Week 8 - At home in Hespeler

Week 9 - Joan Tintor

Week 10 - Fuschi's Canadian Forum

Week 11 - Choice for Childcare

Week 12 - Guelph First

Week 13 - Joanne's Journey

Week 14 - Jesse Gritter Online

Week 15 - A North American Patriot

Week 16 - Weeping and Gnashing

Week 17 - Canadian Blue Lemons

Week 18 - Back off Government

Week 19 - Right in Canada

Week 20 - RootleWeb

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