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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

From the video vault... 
(en francais)

I've been having a great little vacation in Guelph these last few days and blogging has, by necessity, been very light. (Mother has a PII 233 with dial-up!) Visiting at my brothers and mercifully, he has hi-speed. Not much time, so I thought I would delve into the video vault and serve up one of my favourites.

Here's a little piece called - Not Again!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dr. J and Mr. K Blog - one to add to your list 
(en francais)

Just noticed this new blog on the BT roll. Dr. J and Mr. K.

Well designed and looks like a fantastic read from my quick look around. Definitely one to add to your "must read list" or RSS Reader. (if we can convince them to add a feed!)

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Use a Designated Driver this Christmas Season 
(en francais)

(Edit - I set the time on this post to noon on the 25th. Please pass the word to anyone who may need these services.)

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.

Using a Designated Driver is the smart thing to do, especially during the holidays.

Many people don't realize that there are various for-profit designated driving companies that operate year round and Operation Nez Rouge/Operation Red Nose that runs during the holiday as a volunteer service.

Below I have listed the various locations that have either volunteer organizations or companies to help you get home safe after an evening out. Unfortunately I recently lost my link list to some of the companies. If anyone knows of websites or phone numbers just drop them in the comment section. Help make the roads safer for everyone.

In case anyone was wondering, this is why I'm the 'Late night blogger' :)

Friends don't let friends drink and drive.

Operation Nez Rouge/Operation Red Nose

Nova Scotia - Halifax


Chatham-Kent, Hearst, Huntsville , Kingston , London Keys Please, Greater Toronto Area, NEWMARKET / AURORA, NORTH BAY, Oshawa Keys to Us , Oshawa Dial A Driver , Oshawa Car Jockeys , Oshawa Weekend Ride , Ottawa , Sudbury, QUINTE, SUDBURY , Windsor Cruise Control(Windsor)

Brandon, Flin Fon, GIMLI, THE PAS, THOMPSON, WINNIPEG Keys Please

Edmonton, Keys Please , Calgary Keys Please , Calgary Drivers Choice , Fort McMurray Drivers Choice , Lethbridge Keys Please , Medicine Hat Keys Please

Abbotsford-Mission, CHILLIWACK, DELTA / RICHMOND, Kamloops, Langley-Surrey-Delta
Nanimo, North Shore, Prince George, Prince George Keys Please ,Vancouver Keys Please

Cross-posted to The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns - LBW And OTA

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Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

Rite Turn Only

Rite Turn Only is a member site of the Blogging Tories, home of Canada's finest conservative bloggers

Let the blue beacon guide you through the red fog of Liberal madness!

My apologies to last week's winner, Stephen Taylor - I forgot to change the link on the graphic last week. All fixed now.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

BC CPC Candidate injured in car crash 
(en francais)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Derek Zeisman on a speedy recovery.No word that I could find about the occupants of the other car.

Tory candidate injured in car accident, but expected to resume campaign

CASTLEGAR, B.C. (CP) -- A Conservative candidate in the federal election is recovering in hospital after a two-vehicle crash in the West Kootenay.

Derek Zeisman is running in the riding of British Columbia Southern Interior, held in the last Parliament by Tory Jim Gouk.

B.C. party spokesman Colin Metcalfe told CKNW radio in Vancouver that Zeisman was seriously injured while en route to Castlegar from Trail on Tuesday afternoon, but he is expected to return to the campaign for the Jan. 23 election.

"The conditions, I believe, were icy and as it stands today (Wednesday) he's listed as being in serious but stable condition," said Metcalfe.

Zeisman began working as Gouk's part-time constituency assistant last year. He had previously served as Gouk's parliamentary assistant, working in both his Ottawa and Castlegar offices.

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NORAD tracks Santa 
(en francais)

For all those with little ones...

NORAD Tracks Santa (available in six languages)
Games, videos, maps etc

Christmas Eve
Call - 1-877-Hi-NORAD

Email - tracking@noradsanta.org


This is the 50th Anniversary that NORAD and its predecessor, the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have tracked Santa.

The tradition began after a Colorado Springs-based Sears Roebuck & Co. store advertisement for children to call Santa on a special "hotline" included an inadvertently misprinted telephone number. Instead of Santa, the phone number put kids through to the CONAD Commander-in-Chief's operations "hotline." The Director of Operations, Colonel Harry Shoup, received the first "Santa" call on Christmas Eve 1955. Realizing what had happened, Colonel Shoup had his staff check radar data to see if there was any indication of Santa making his way south from the North Pole. Indeed there were signs of Santa and children who called were given an update on Santa's position. Thus, the tradition was born.

In 1958, the governments of Canada and the United States decided to create a bi-national air defense command for the North American continent called the North American Air Defense Command. Canada and the U.S. believed they could better defend North America together as a team instead of separately.

The Command carried out its first Santa tracking in 1958 after inheriting the tradition from CONAD. Since that time, Canadian and American men and women who work at NORAD have responded to phone calls from children personally. Additionally, media from all over the world call NORAD on Christmas Eve for updates on Santa's location. Last year this Website was visited by millions of people who wanted to know Santa's whereabouts. This year, the information is provided in six languages.

NORAD relies on many volunteers to help make Santa tracking possible. Many people at Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson Air Force Base spend part of their Christmas Eve with their families and friends at NORAD's Santa Tracking Operations Center in order to answer phones and provide Santa updates to the many thousands of children who call in.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Gauntlet 
(en francais)

Stephen Harper goes where Paul Martin fears.


December 22, 2005

Stephen Harper challenges Gilles Duceppe to a debate

Duceppe wants head-to-head debate. This is his chance

OTTAWA – Statement by Conservative leader Stephen Harper:

“Several days ago, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe issued an invitation for a one-on-one debate with Liberal leader Paul Martin. Despite his rhetoric about being the man to save Canada from the separatists, Mr. Martin declined. In the interests of Canadians having at least one federalist leader willing to put words into action and stand up for Canada, I made an offer to Mr. Duceppe to debate him.

“I understand that yesterday Mr. Duceppe responded, saying he feels this election is about Liberal corruption, and that consequently, he does not see a need for the two of us to debate.

“While I understand his perspective, I do believe there is much more at play in this election than just Liberal corruption. There is much more at stake in this election for the future of Quebecers and all Canadians than just a discussion over corruption. This is Mr. Duceppe’s opportunity, and I think that he should be prepared to discuss the full range of issues in this election campaign.

“I think that someone who leads a party with an agenda so ambitious as to seek to create a new country should be prepared to debate a leader who may be prime minister after this election.”

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Tired of Polls? Try the Stars 
(en francais)

Globe and Mail has a funny little horrorscope reading for all the leaders for the coming year.
Dear diary ... Forget polls. Read the future in the stars


Thursday, December 22, 2005 Posted at 5:18 AM EST

From Thursday's Globe and Mail
February 26th sounds like a good moving day for the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Just make sure we hide the shredders first.

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199 Post continues to spread... 
(en francais)

This post just continues to grow. New links and referrals are appearing every day. A special thanks to the Corso Italia News in Ottawa. The editor emailed me a week ago to let me know that he was including the list in the latest edition. He graciously mailed me several copies which I received today. I was shocked when I opened the package. I was expecting a little article in the back pages, instead I find the list on the entire front page! As a bonus, inside is an article by James Rajotte on a subject near and dear to my heart - Technoscam.

These are the links that I've been able to track so far. If I've missed anyone, or if you notice the list somewhere else, please post the location in the comments.



London Fog

Mikofox’s Cabin Fever Blog


The Grant Rant

My View

Jeep Kings Forums (registration required)

Digital Home Canada Forum

Western Standard

Blue Tory

New Winnipeg Digital Magazine

Cannabis Culture Forums

Steven Fletcher

Blue Maple Leaf

Jesse Gritter

The Hallway

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Waking up on Planet X

Libscam Wiki

Rite Turn Only

Antonia Zerbisias

Corso Italia News, December Edition - Front page - approximately 5000 3000 copies - available in the Ottawa area. Pick up your copy here:

* Plant Recreation Centre
Preston Food Market , Elm & Preston
Cosenza Billiards
Bell Pharmacy
La Roma Caffe
Roma Confectionary
* Absolute Comedy Club
Di Rienzo's Grocery
* St Anthony's Italia Soccer Club

Edit: additional links to 199 Reasons to Not Vote Liberal


eBay.ca Forums


Canadian Content Community Forums

IPSC Ontario

The Road to Freedom - Yahoo Group

Invest Canada
- Newsgroup

Foxden Airsoft - Forum

Free Dominion - Forum

BABBLE! - Forum

Maple Leaf Web - Forum

PEI Talk - Forum

Public Eye Online

A Western Heart - Live Journal

Edit 2:

Moose Talk Forum


Share this list with your family, friends and co-workers. Print out a bunch of copies and hand them out. Every little bit helps.

One Person, One Vote at a Time.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A telling sign 
(en francais)

Every day the CPC site features Stephen Harper in a different place highlighting Conservative policy and issues.

Over at the Liberal site, for what I think is the third or fourth time, Stephen Harper is the main show. (I could be wrong on the count)

This is a very good sign in my opinion. Last campaign the CPC spent and inordinate amount of time talking about the Liberals. Letters to the Editor talked about them, CPC candidates focused on them and all the general discourse was about them.

What a difference 17 months can make. Harper has set and carried the agenda from Day one. Today's website pics are very telling indeed. Harper gets not only the main billing, but second billing down below. Martin is relegated to the "Where's the PM?" sidebar. A very intersting question to ask these days.

As each day goes by, the Liberals are shifting to attack mode, while Stephen continues executing his plan.

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Welcome Bruck! 
(en francais)

Day 23 1/2 and look what springs to life.

Curious riding page, the 'History' at the bottom. From Paul Martin Sr to Rick Limoges' defeat, with no mention of incumbent Joe Comartin. Howard McCurdy gets a mention. I guess it helps to join the entitled team.

Oh yeah - mini-Bruck still lives.

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Liberals and the BQ - Mutual Parasites 
(en francais)

With Paul Martin's refusal to debate Gilles Duceppe, and Duceppe's subsequent refusal to take up Stephen Harper's challenge to debate, once and for all it is now clear how the BQ and Liberals feed off each other in Quebec.

The last thing either party wants is for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to gain any traction whatsoever there.

Paul Martin needs the BQ so he can wrap himself in the flag and play Captain Canada in the rest of Canada. Raising the seperatist threat in Ontario remains a Liberal mainstay in scaring voters. Bernard Lord put it best with his pyro comparison.

Gilles Duceppe needs Paul Martin and his merry band to show Quebec why only the BQ can represent Quebec.

Along comes Stephen Harper with some reasonable ideas. Jean Charest and Mario Dumont like them, with Dumont going so far as to say he would vote for Harper. That alone must have sent shivers down the spine of most in the Liberal and BQ war rooms.

Harper should press on with the offer and appear on TQS in an open interview, talk show format. If no one from Quebec wants to meet him in a one on one debate he should engage the people head on.

Stephen has played this one brilliantly. CPC candidates in Quebec can hammer at the BQ for avoiding a debate and the Liberals for the same thing. What are they afraid of?

Only Stephen Harper is willing to Stand Up For Canada, and in doing so has shown himself to be a credible federalist alternative in Quebec.

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Politicians and group sex 
(en francais)

Some would say it's appropriate to group the two together. I'll reserve judgement on that and believe it's a wrong button thing on CTV's part.

H/T to Toronto Tory for the link, even though it wasn't quite what I expected.

Edit: CTV has fixed the story

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Hey Bruck! I've got a niece... 
(en francais)

She's 14 and can hand code HTML pretty good. She should be able to have a website for you by Sunday!

Day 23 and mini-Bruck still lives. Even the CBC likes mini-Bruck.

Funny thing today - no new info about Bruck, but the Liberal Party of Ontario can manage to update Bruck's cookie-cutter site with the latest attack on Jack Layton and acknowledgement that the Conservative Party was right with it's policy for Canada's fishing industry.

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Ipsos-Reid's Darrell Bricker - blogs are "wank-fests" 
(en francais)

From Darrell Bricker's comments on Adam Daifallah's blog, one would think he's standing in for the hiding hibernating Scott Reid.

From his National Speaker Bureau profile:
Darrell Bricker
President and Chief Operating Officer for the Public Affairs Practice of Ipsos-Reid Corporation

Darrell Bricker is in tune with key issues of the day, government policies, and public opinions. He knows the federal scene inside and out and how it will affect the future of businesses, organizations, and the average Canadian.

... Darrell's research specialties include analysis of social and political trends, issues management, strategic communications and corporate reputation.
For a person who's profile highlights being "in tune" and listing specialties of "analysis of social and political trends, issues management, strategic communications and corporate reputation", characterizing blogs as "wank-fests" seems decidedly out of tune.

I wonder how many Ipsos-Reid corporate clients or their employees engage in "wank-fests"? Who knows why a corporation would ever want to be caught wanking.

I wonder if Ipsos-Reid has done any Government polling work? Seems to be a fair amount of wanking going on there.

Main stream media - wanking galore. I'm sure media bloggers such as Zerb will be overjoyed to learn she's now a leading 'wanker' in Darrell's world.

Political pundits and strategists -it's rumoured that pundits and strategists do actually have a heart and have been know to demonstrate a feeling or two now and again. To publically imply that they are wankers is truly not nice.

Ipsos-Reid just may need to draw on some of that vast experience they tout on their website:
We know from experience what to do when you need help. We have worked on public opinion and issue management assignments for clients facing strikes, allegations, and shareholder revolts, and helped repair reputations in just about every sector.
December is certainly turning into the month of 'Hoof in Mouth' disease for communications experts.

Edit: removed last line

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Culture of Entitlement Example #10466 
(en francais)

Liberal campaign workers going 'back to work' during the Christmas break, in order to get paid, rather than have the Liberal Party pay them during the campaign.

Belinda Stronach defends the actions. "...it's within the guidelines". The Liberal Party has failed miserably over the last year to raise funds, so they resort to the tried and true method of raiding the public purse.

Just another example of how the Liberals have not learned a single thing from Adscam. It's taxpayers money and they're entitled to it.

CTV's Countdown with Mike Duffy - it's about half way through the video.

H/T to All things Canadian

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At the debate (Video) 
(en francais)

A new video from the CPC Web Team:

At the Debate
(2.07 meg .wmv file)

Other videos are available in the top left sidebar.

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CPC Stands up for Seniors (Video) 
(en francais)

I must have been snoozing, because I totally missed this video when it was posted. I've taken it and converted it to a .wmv file for easy streaming. It's now only 2.43 mb so you can even email it! If you know of someone like your parents, Aunt and Uncle, Grandparents etc, who might be interested, email them either the whole file, or the link.

CPC Stands up for Seniors

(2.43 meg .wmv file)

H/T to the CPC Web team - keep up the good work! (just change the blog - would ya?)

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Latest 'Monster' size poll from Robbins 
(en francais)

Pollster ROBBINS with continuation of AUDIT of Canadian federal election-
Dec 17, 2005

Methodology- This is a random telephone survey that according to ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) is a fair and legal depiction of the opinions of 43,873 Canadians from coast to coast. This survey was conducted from the United States and Canada between December 10-16, 2005. This survey has a margin of error of 1.58%, @99% competency. This survey was sponsored by a United States company doing business in Canada, and by NewTrend Optical of Port Coquitlam, BC, and Glen P. Robbins and Associates. Approximate time per interview 1.5 minutes. Percentage of potential respondents initially contacted who agree to answer questions promised not to take “more than two minutes” is 72%. Compare with mainstream pollsters declared success of between 10% and 30%. Number of phone numbers dialed to produce (1) contact ‘solicitation’: 3.5. Average number of interviews by caller per hour = “9”. 450 “man hours” to produce data. Aggregation of data, determination of data allocation and commentary to reflect Canadian public opinion=20 hours. Raw cost of data collection $6,762.50. Market Value of Polling Data all inclusive-$50,548.75.

H/T to Springer @ FD

And I would agree with him, a very interesting commentary accompanies the polling data.

Looks like Robbins is out to make a name for themselves. All they need now is some media exposure. They are certainly investing the time and money into this election.

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All Bruck wants for Christmas is a website 
(en francais)

Day 20 and mini-Bruck still lives!

Bruck's got a bio

One strange thing was noted, although the Volunteer Today! link and Request a Sign link both work - there's no Donation link.

I guess they must already be fully entitled here in Windsor-Tecumseh.

Tip of the Day: don't forget to hide the real location of the Volunteer and Sign request links. We wouldn't want people in Windsor-Tecumseh thinking the website is actually being done by the Liberal Party of Ontario in Toronto. Kinda defeats that 'Windsor-can-do' image.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cheap politics 
(en francais)

For all those who think Paul Martin's "Captain Canada" act is smart politics, consider some of the ramifications. Just one of the things at stake is a potential $2 billion a year in tourist traffic. Ramping up the anti-American rhetoric may be good for scoring cheap political points for the Liberals, but the long term effects could leave us paying quite the price.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with George Bush or his policies, but we certainly don't have to go out of our way to do it. Martin's sliming of the Americans in Montreal was nothing more than righteous masturbation of the Canadian public. Considering his own governments' record on the Kyoto accord, Martin doesn't have a leg to stand on, let alone the slightest shred of credibility on this issue.

Martin's say anything, do anything attitude to maintaining power will eventually leave Canadians with a bill we can't afford to pay.

Critics warn pending U.S. border rules will deter travelers not terrorists

Updated at 15:08 on December 18, 2005, EST.

HOULTON, Maine (CP) - Wayne Darling used to be a frequent visitor to Canada, cruising across the border from his home state of Maine to do some shopping and sightseeing in New Brunswick and Quebec.

But now he never crosses the border and has pretty much given up on the idea, since he heard that he's going to need a passport or some sort of special identification to get back into the United States.

Even though the restriction don't come into full effect for another two years, Darling has already made up his mind.

"They brought that up a while ago, that we were supposed to have passports," Darling says on his way into a shopping centre in Houlton, Maine, near the New Brunswick border.

"We applied, but they told us it was going to cost about $100, so we just said to hell with it. We just won't bother to go over."

Critics of the American plan to require passports or secure identification to enter the United States say that Darling and his family are typical of the kind of people who will be caught in the anti-terrorism net being deployed along U.S. borders.

No one knows how many terrorists or criminals will be deterred, but there's little doubt that millions of cross-border shoppers and tourists will fall victim to the tightening security noose.

"I don't know that requiring soccer moms to have passports will make us safer," says Ken Oplinger, head of a Chamber of Commerce in Washington state, noting that all of the 19 terrorists involved in the Sept. 11 attacks had passports.

"It may only give us the illusion we're safer."

The passport requirement was recommended by the U.S. government's Sept. 11 commission and has been passed by the U.S. Congress.

It requires citizens of the United States and all other nations, including Canada, to have passports or secure identification when entering the United States.

Enforcement begins in 2007 for those travelling by air or sea, and one year later at land border crossings.

The Canadian Tourism Commission predicts 7.7 million fewer Americans will visit Canada in the following three years as a result of the change. The agency also estimates a drop of 3.5 million trips from Canada to the United States.

Frank McKenna, Canada's ambassador to the United States, warns it will cost Canada nearly $2 billion, mostly in lost tourism revenue.

complete article...

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Why turf Martin? 
(en francais)


Douglas Fisher notes a long list of Liberal foul-ups that dwarf the scandals of their much-maligned predecessor Mulroney

The best reasons for electors to rid of us of the Liberal government are its poor quality and arrogance, a blend of incompetence, wastefulness and amorality.

It starts with Prime Minister Paul Martin, who depends far too much on his personal coterie of advisors and handlers and counts little on the mandarins (deputy ministers) and his own elected cabinet and caucus. In consequence, the prime minister's office absolutely dominates cabinet and the House of Commons.

For some reason, I like this guy's train of thought.

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Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

Stephen Taylor - Conservative Party of Canada Pundit
Commentary on the new Conservative Party of Canada

As always, stop in and say hello.

Blog on!

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Harper insulted by CBC 
(en francais)

Is the CBC trying to send a subliminal message?

If I was Stephen I would be filing a complaint with the Ombudsman.

What an insult!

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Signs of life for Bruck Easton 
(en francais)

Houston, we have lift off! - sort of. Mini-Bruck still lives over at the .com address.

Another 19 days should do the trick.

Here's a hint Bruck: forward the .com, it'll double your traffic. Someone else besides me might actually visit.

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Windsor Green Party 
(en francais)

Congratulations to Windsor Green Party Candidate Catherine Pluard for joining the blogosphere here in Windsor-Tecumseh. The Green's are certainly looking better organized than they have ever been before. They have shared office space, a website and a blog.

Mini-Bruck can't seem to get a website together, let alone actually converse with people through a blog. Joe has his internet postcard up and running, but he too seems to be shy of blogging. Oh well.

Welcome Catherine. While we may disagree on many things, your voice is welcome to the race in Windsor-Tecumseh. Through diversity of ideas and opinions we can all learn and grow.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Mini-Bruck watch Day 18 
(en francais)

The heck with breakfast, I think we should be able to order pizza by the time this site gets finished.

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41 minutes... 
(en francais)

The amount of time it took Paul Martin to first mention his father in tonights debate.

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Hours of fun... 
(en francais)

H/T to Also Canadian

Anyone know where you can get a script to generate these kind of pages? I'm assuming it's PHP.

I might have a pic or two that I want to make into a generated version.

Just a thought, mind you.

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Culture of Entitlement Example #10465 
(en francais)

Susan Whelan’s Hard Work on behalf of DaimlerChrysler Helps Secure Essex Cty Jobs

So let me see if I've got this right. An ex-Chretien Liberal Cabinet Minister loses her seat in the Federal Election. Next comes an exemption from the Ethics Commissioner releasing her from those bothersome rules regarding ex-Ministers lobbying government.
“Susan Whelan’s hard-work for the Windsor-Essex automotive industry was an important factor in reaching an agreement between the Federal Government and DaimlerChrysler” said Prime Minister Martin. “Not only DaimlerChrysler, but many other local suppliers to DaimlerChrysler will benefit from this investment. This means jobs for hardworking Windsor and Essex County families."
The announcement was already overdue for months, and the local Windsor Star was reporting that an unnamed level of government was holding things up. I wonder which level of government that was? I guess it was just coincidental that the funding was finally announced after the election was called.

Where could the funding came from?

Could this have been one last round for the Liberal Cash Cow, or did they find something else to buy the taxpayers of Essex County with?

Kind of reminds me of drug dealers. Was this our free taste? Elect a Liberal and we get the rest of our stuff.

Certainly seems to be the message.

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Another bump 
(en francais)

Thanks to CBC Watch for the link to my favourite post:

Who says bloggers can't have an effect?

This post logged over 150 hits today thanks to CBC Watch's link, and another 45 to 50 from various other sources. That doesn't even take into account all the other blogs and forums who have mirrored the post. (eg Libscam Wiki). 'A Dubious Day' is approaching 3,000 hits on it's own, without taking the others into account.

Link it - Email it - Print it (Word and PDF format)

One person - one vote at a time!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

"Popcorn and B'Air" 
(en francais)

Press name for CPC campaign plane - "Popcorn and B'Air"

Thanks Scott.

( I read this the other night, but can't remember where, for proper attribution)

H/T #1 - Stephen Harper's candid chat

(I know I saw it somewhere else earlier - will keep looking)

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Liberals write off 45 ridings in Quebec 
(en francais)

Liberals red-faced over Quebec memo


Thursday, December 15, 2005 Posted at 4:01 AM EST

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Ottawa — The Quebec wing of the Liberal Party accidentally released a list of ridings yesterday that shows it has written off a majority of seats in the province and conceded almost all of the francophone areas to the Bloc Québécois

And this is the supposed 'only federalist option' in Quebec? This is exactly why declaring this election a "referendum on Canada" was such a dangerous thing to do.

Now the Quebec federalists are left with one simple option, vote Conservative to guarantee a party who will stand up for Canada.

It's either that or give more gas to the pyro's and STAND BACK.

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DoWire.org Canadian Election Wiki 
(en francais)

I just wanted to highlight this great little project again. Does your candidate have a blog or Website? Do you have, or know of a unique election related site? Take a minute and add it to the wiki.

Scores of DoWire members helped build a simple and comprehensive list of election related websites in the UK elections. Now we are doing it for Canada.

Simply find the right section, press edit, and insert a link in the proper place.

Also, for those "tagging" we are using "canada06" for election-related tags on del.icio.us and other services.
When you have a minute, check out the rest of the Dowire.org site. It's a great resource dedicated to e-democracy.

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Kim Campbell does want CPC to win 
(en francais)

Considering how much attention this got when everyone thought she wanted Conservatives to lose, why am I not suprised the clarification is buried. H/T to the CTV.ca Election Blog for the update.

Former prime minister Kim Campbell, who once opined elections weren't the right time to talk about serious issues, wants to assure the Conservative party she wants it to win.

There were some doubts when she said this at her alma mater, The London Shool of Economics, earlier this month:
"Their (the Conservative party's) positions are too socially conservative, I think, to form a government in Canada. People may like their fiscal policies but they're frightened by their social conservatism ... It's a pity because it denies people a choice on policy issues."
In Vancouver today, Campbell had this to say:
I am a Conservative and I want them to win. What I said was that my concern was if a party is being perceived as too socially conservative, it makes it hard for them to win.
Campbell was in town to endorse Tony Fogarassy, the candidate in Vancouver Centre, her old riding -- one Campbell didn't hold in the giant wave that swept the Tories from office in 1993.

Fogarassy will be in tough: Hedy Fry has held that seat for the Liberals since 1993, and former Burnaby-Douglas MP Svend Robinson -- of Ringgate fame -- is the NDP's candidate.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mini-Bruck still lives 
(en francais)

The anticipation is killing me!

This damn website better make breakfast by the time it's finished.

Either that or at least be able to print out a set of "Entitlement Instructions" for all the great unwashed.

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(en francais)

New CPC video it's a large video, so give it a minute to load. You can also view the video at the Conservative Website - Just look for the file called "Momentum" on the Video Sidebar.

Momentum - High Quality
(12.4 meg .avi file)

(1.85 meg .wmv file)

Edit: Don't forget - spread the word. Email a link to the video, download it and host it on a server somewhere. Point your friends to the Conservative.ca website to see it. Be an online advocate for the CPC!

Edit 2: fixed some issues, streaming player should work now. File available in both .wmv and .avi formats.

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Entertainment suggestion for Scott Reid 
(en francais)

Scott seems to be stuck in a rut lately with his choice of entertainment venues, so I thought I would give him a hand.

It falls within his budget range and should keep all the kiddies happy. (Candidates have to pay for their own - they're not fully entitled yet)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bruck Easton and Campephilus Principalis 
(en francais)

What do the two have in common?

Well Campephilus principalis (Ivory Billed Woodpecker) - This species was believed to be extinct since 1987, when the last positive sighting was made in Cuba. However, at least one living male was rediscovered in Arkansas in 2004 and 2005.

Kinda like the Liberals, Bruck Easton, and Easton election signs in Windsor. There's been a few sightings, but extremely rare.

Stay tuned!

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Stephen Harper Windsor Rally 
(en francais)

Great rally in Windsor this afternoon. The turnout was fantastic. Room was overflowing, with the crowd spilling out into the hall. As this was a rally stop there were no announcements. The one thing I wanted to blog about was the media, and specifially the National Media.

While Stephen was giving his speech, the pool camera setup in the hall to get a crowd shot, with Stephen framed in the background. The national TV personalities wanted to get their bits done for the 6 and 11pm newscasts. It was a quick 15-20 second soundbite for each of the CBC, CTV and Radio Canada. Someone in the hallway took offense to the media, because they couldn't hear Stephen speaking. They started talking loudly so the media couldn't get their spots done. Next thing, some people started chanting, further preventing the media from doing their job. It became an obvious attempt to frustrate the media from doing their job. The reporter walked away, visibly upset. They we're ready to pack up and do their spot somewhere else, with no people around.

What do you think the story would have been like if that had happened?

Luckily, we we're able to step in and convince them to come back and try again. The people in the crowd we're calmed down and the spots got done.

As they we're leaving, I heard the one reporter say she wished she had a blog so she could report what happened and vent a little. I thought I would help her out.

Just something for people to consider when they are attending events. The media has paid $10,000 to $15,000 per reporter to be on the leader's tour. Most of them have multiple deadlines feeding numerous local and national outlets. They are under constant pressure and have a job to do. When you make that job difficult, you are not helping anyone and are potentially hurting the campaign. Campaigns are a team effort and everyone from the grassroots supporters to the top echelon has to always be thinking of the overall effort and not just personal considerations.

To the media that came back and tried again - Thank-you. Windsor is a friendly city, once you get to know us. Our bark is usually worse than our bite. Really.

More on the rally from Liberty is Good.

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Be a thief 
(en francais)

RSS Bandit v1.3.038 is a free RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator.

It's free and easy to use.

Do you visit a lot of blogs and other other news sources? An RSS reader is an easy way to have all your content delivered to your reader. You 'subscribe' to each feed, and each time you load your reader, your content is updated.

For those who don't have a lot of time, it's an easy way to scan a lot of different sources in a short amount of time.
There are numerous free readers out there. RSS Bandit just happens to be the one I've been using for a number of months now, and I really like it.

There's no better time to try out a reader than during this election. Stay informed and on top of things. Be a Bandit!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Conservatives for Kids 
(en francais)

A Conservative government will support sports activities for kids

Today in Buckingham, Quebec, Stephen Harper announced that a Conservative government would extend a tax break to parents who register their children in sports and other physical-fitness activities.

Another well targeted tax cut. The campaign rolls on!

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Bruck Easton reveals new Windsor-Tecumseh website 
(en francais)

Bruck Easton's Windsor-Tecumseh campaign continues to amaze and astound all.

On the other hand, I guess it's better than staring at mini-Bruck!

Keep up the good work Bruck. Maybe you can give some pointers to Werner and Susan.

Edit: Oops! My mistake. Mini-Bruck still lives at www.bruckeaston.com
The redirect must not be working properly on the .ca domain. Well, there ya go Bruck, helping you out again.

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Have you written your Letter to the Editor yet? 
(en francais)

Take a few minutes to write a Letter to the editor of your local daily or weekly newspaper. While it may satisfy our egos to be published in the Globe or the National Post, you have a direct effect on local campaigns when you submit to local papers.

Keep your letters short and to the point. Most papers want 200 words or less.

Your family, friends and neighbours will read and possibly heed your words. They may even approach you with concerns or questions. This is your opportunity to engage people.

One person - one vote at a time!

Windsor Star
Monday, Dec 12th, 2005

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Stephen's coming to town 
(en francais)

Stephen Harper to Visit Windsor

Tuesday, December 13th

3:00 pm

Holiday Inn Select
1855 Huron Church Rd.
(click address link for directions)

LaSalle Room

Come out and show your support for Stephen Harper and the Windsor Region's three local candidates:

Rick Fuschi

Alfonso Teshuba
Windsor West

Jeff Watson

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Martin versus Ignatieff on policy 
(en francais)

Paul Martin

"Second of all, I don't make it a habit of commenting on any discussions that any Canadian ambassador would have with a foreign country. Fundamentally, foreign policy and overall policy is set by the prime minister, and I'll continue to do that."


Michael Ignatieff

“Good public policy is not a politics of propaganda and national self-delusion. It is an attempt to match our national self-image and our capabilities as a people. The present government is struggling to close the gap between pretending to be a good international citizen and failing to fund our foreign aid commitments; pretending to be a peacekeeper and failing to fund our defence establishment; pretending to be green and failing to fund our investment in environmental sustainability.” (Toronto Star, June 2, 2005)

Michael better be careful, we all know what happened to the last Liberal to diss PMPM.

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Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

Peter Jaworski - Adventures in Bowling Green

Expand your horizons. Drop in, poke around and don't forget to say hello.

Blog on!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sad comment on Canadian politics today... 
(en francais)

Campaign Stories #5

If Mr. Harper's flaw is that he is inclined to be too principled by half - he'd rather be right than be elected - Mr. Martin's flaw is that he has few principles at all

Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
December 10th, 2005 pg A29

We're firmly into the 'quiet' phase of the campaign. Signs are flying out the door, Rick is canvassing and plant-gating and the phone calls are humming along. Looks like I will be a Sunday to Thursday campaigner until after the Christmas season is over. Business is booming, and with my partner managing Rick's campaign, there's just not too much spare time left over. I'm able to keep up with website updates and some minor details Friday and Saturday, but not much else. Weekends are long and very stressful, so I need at least a few hours to myself.

I imagine the pace will pickup next week, as the last full week before we all break for Christmas. While we won't be contacting people, putting out lawn signs etc, there's certainly no lack of work to be done during the break. The core team will be hard at work updating our data system and honing our GOTV lists. Lit pieces are ready to go, phone scripts have been tested and the rest of the machine well oiled. The second phase of the campaign is going to be short and intense. We intend to be very organized. Our strategy has long been prepared and is working very well. I can't comment on many things at this point, but later on in the campaign I will be able to reveal some of the work that has been done in the early days.

Nice to see some of the polls are reflecting what we've know here for a long time. The Southwest is very much in play. Campaigns such as ours and Al Gretzky in London West, that have been working for over a year, are starting to reap the rewards of that work. Some suprises are on the way that nobody expects - we like that.

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Liberal Childcare Plan - a glimpse at the future 
(en francais)

I missed this post the other day -
Should Québec's child-care system be emulated?

That's why my RSS Bandit is such a handy tool.

Although most Conservatives already know this, the post gives an excellent review of the Quebec childcare program, a glimpse of where Canada would be heading with the Liberals "pan-Canadian" vision.

This post should be required reading for anyone who believes in socialized, government run daycare as the solution to all. As always, Le Blog De Polyscopique provides the post in both official languages.

After reading this, I was also thinking about Paul Martin's recent announcement regarding childcare. An additional $6 billion for five more years, AFTER the first five year commitment won't even cover the costs of the spaces already provided, let alone any expansion in the system. Either the Provinces pony up a heck of a lot more money or we have another federal program with massive waiting lists and limited service (9 to 5 daycare, with a 10 month waiting list, if you're lucky). The Quebec program quadrupled in cost over 6 years - and they have a $5.00 user fee.

Welcome to the future of institutionalized daycare in Canada. Waiting lists, rationing of resources, daycare tax or user fee and the Provinces begging for more money from the federal Government.

Sounds familiar for some reason.

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Bruck Easton making great strides in Windsor-Tecumseh 
(en francais)

Seems like the Liberal Party has managed to find his picture. Still working on the bio though.

Unfortunately, his website looks like it still needs some work. We still have 'mini-Bruck' standing in for something of substance.

Bruck can take heart, the Liberal Party hasn't managed to find a bio for Werner Keller as yet. Haven't been able to track a website down for Werner.

Susan Whelan seems to be leading the pack so far. Nice glam pic and bio on the Liberal Party site, but only a lawn sign posted on her website. But, that's understandable on Susan's part. All that lobbying takes up a lot of time.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

CPC Campaign "Blog" 
(en francais)

I've held off commenting on the so-called blog, waiting to see if any changes might be made. Looks like the answer is no.

Just to be clear, I think the CPC Campaign Blog sucks. I don't know why they even call it a blog.

1. No permalinks
2. No trackbacks
3. No comments
4. Anonymous poster - come on - it's an election campaign. If it's a paid staffer blogging, then identify the person. If it's a volunteer, at least give us a screen name and an email for feedback and comment.

There is no way to link to individual posts, other than providing a link to that week's posts. It's as bad as Kinsella's musings page, masquerading as a blog.

At least it does have an RSS feed - something the CPC is way ahead of the other parties.

The whole goal of the internet is interactivity, something severely lacking from the CPC site.

The way the blog is setup right now, it's nothing more than a static PR page. I know blogs worry Campaign Managers and back-room strategists, but surely they can come up with a way to at least vet posts if they're that concerned about some sort of gaffe.

Comments can be moderated to prevent the usual trolls.

This campaign has the advantage of two phases. Hopefully we'll see the 'blog' re-launched after Christmas into something that actually resembles a blog.

This is something that Blogging Tories can actually work to change. Send a comment to the Webmaster and let him know your opinion.

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"A Dubious Day" post rolls on... 
(en francais)

Duplication continues to work.

Lately I've been averaging 30 to 50 hits a day on the "A Dubious Day" post. It has been reposted, linked and even a Wiki created. Many of the referrals are coming from email programs, so emailing is going well. The post is showing up under various terms in the major search engines. When you factor in hits on other blogs and websites that have reposted the list, together with emails, the list is getting some excellent distribution across Canada. Since Buzz is encouraging union members to vote Liberal - how about emailing a copy to your union friends? Even better - send a copy to Buzz. Give them something to think about.

Google - Dubious Day

MSN - 199 Liberal Scandals

Yahoo - 4th of November 1993

Here's some further avenues for people to share - A Dubious Day (Word Document), A Dubious Day (PDF Document)

Print, Email, Link, Post - share the post with friends, enemies, family members and co-workers.

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