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Blue Blogging Soapbox
...rambling rants, thoughts and musings on mostly political topics - from your late night blogger.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Whack a Candidate and others... 
(en francais)

Some of the election coverage efforts from the MSM:

Canwest Global Election Coverage - Decision Canada - "Whack a Candidate" flash game. (Edit- link fixed) Someone's studying a little pop culture here. Personally, I don't care for the new Canada.com look. Usual assortment of net polls etc. Contains blogs from 5 Canwest journalists including permalinks, but no feeds or comments.

CTV - Election 2006 - looks the most promising out of the gate. Ability to post in the blog section, will include posts from various political/partisan/non-partisan blogrolls. RSS feeds for blogs.

CBC - Canada Votes 2006 - looks like a warmed over version from the last election.

Globe and Mail - Decision 2006 - yawn!

Toronto Star - no special election section

Canoe - Canada Votes - Leaders schedule a day behind as of 6:30am. Pretty much standard fare.

CPAC/SES - The CPAC - SES nightly tracking is based on a three day rolling random telephone sample of 1,200 completed interviews among Canadians 18 years of age and older. Each day a new national random sample of 400 Canadians is conducted. To update the tracking a new day of interviewing is added and the oldest day dropped. The margin of accuracy for the three day rolling sample of 1,200 individuals is ±2.9%, 19 times out of 20. Subscribe to "Get Wired" for emails of daily polling.

If you find any gems - post 'em in the comments.

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Jack Pack #13 - Little did you know... 
(en francais)

Jack's Pack #13

Previous Jack's Pack Posts

Arabian Dissent has a great post exposing a few little known or acknowledged facts about Jack Layton and the NDP. Couldn't have done it better myself. This one rates inclusion in the Jack Pack.

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Door question #1 for Bruck Easton in Windsor-Tecumseh 
(en francais)

Windsor-Tecumseh is home to the Essex and Kent Scottish, the Windsor Regiment, Windsor Military Band and HMCS Hunter. The Essex County region has always had a long, proud military history.

It's been 13 years since a Liberal government cancelled the much needed Sea King replacement contract. Our pilots are STILL flying Sea Kings. (when they work) In the meantime, the Liberals managed to purchase several Challenger jets, in record time, and proceed to use them with abandon.

The Canadian Forces has been subjected to years of the highest taskings ever, while at the same time enduring cuts to both funding and personnel.

Why should I believe that either you or your party cares one bit about Canada's defence and those entrusted with it?

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Best laid plans... 
(en francais)

Campaign Stories No. 1

Campaign office opened yesterday. Bell Telephone scheduled for morning. Waited all day, arrived in afternoon. Three lines were to be installed, two phone, 1 fax/internet. Several locations required. Results:

Line 1 - installed and working in both locations required
Line 2 - installed - not working anywhere
Fax/Internet - installed in 3 locations, working in only 1. Line not provisioned for high speed.

So to start we have 1 working phone line and dial-up internet access.

Estimated repair time - sometime Friday. Good thing we're using VOIP from another provider, offsite, to complete our VoterID.

Customer service at it's best.

Strong Conservative support on a local call-in show this morning. Rick had a good spot on the show. Plug for the website and some earned media. CBC door-knocking interview later in the morning. More earned media. Very cost efficient for campaigns.

Onward and upward.

One person - one vote at a time.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best Wishes All 
(en francais)

Best wishes to all on the campaign. Blogging will be light over the next 55 days as the battle is waged. Looking forward to meeting a lot of bloggers in Ottawa, January/February 2005 for the swearing in of Stephen Harper's government. If you happen to be in Windsor during the campaign, stop in the office and say hello.

Just for the record, I like history and going against the grain.

CPC 158
Lib 67
Bloc 67
NDP 15
Green 1

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

Lunch Pale

Awash in a sea of caffeine, pressed against the belly of life, our hero Pale awaits his fate. Pale's sole purpose is intervening into the fate of mankind - well Canadian personkind anyway. "Release him unto this world so that the people may rejoice," and so it was, and so it will be.

Drop in and say hello!

Blog on!

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The NCC has it's work cut out for them - Bill C79 
(en francais)

C-79 An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act (third party election advertising)
The Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister responsible for Democratic Reform

I've been watching the flurry of bills that Liberal Cabinet Ministers seem to be papering the house with these days. (15 in the last month, more on this later)

I must admit, I was shocked when I came across Bill C79 and read it's contents. I had no idea that the Liberals had plans to even further restrict 3rd Party Election adverstising. While this bill will die on Monday when Paul Martin's government falls, the contents represent a clear indication of where they intend on taking things should they retain any sort of power.

Bascially, the Election Gag law is to be extended to prevent any money raised six months prior to an election from being used for any advertising during the writ period. Here's the summary:

This enactment amends the Canada Elections Act to limit the ability of a third party to use, for election advertising purposes, contributions that are made during the period beginning six months before the issue of the writs and ending on polling day. The limits are set at $5,000 from the total contributions received from an individual and $1,000 from the total contributions received from any other person or entity.
The enactment creates additional reporting requirements for third parties that receive contributions during that period that exceed those amounts.
It also provides that the total amount of contributions that a person or other entity can make to third parties during that period for election advertising purposes cannot exceed the spending limit applicable to a third party during that election.
The enactment amends the anti-collusion provision for third parties to ensure that persons and other entities cannot circumvent the limits and creates new offences to enforce those limits.
This coming from a Minister responsible for Democratic Reform?

If these same rules were applied to political parties, the Liberals would be broke going into this election. This is simply a further attempt to gag those voices not part of any of the mainstream political parties.

While I don't want to see Canada develop like the PACs in the States, this is just getting ridiculous.

Next thing you know, the government will be legislating things like what to do with our kids or what we can and can't eat.

Oh, right. They're already doing that.

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Strike Three! 
(en francais)

First, we had the Liberals trying to buy Quebec with Adscam money. Result- the Bloc Quebecois is at an all time high in Quebec

Next, we had the Liberals trying to buy time with empty promises to the NDP. Result - $4.6 billion in empty promises, the NDP's 'Better Balanced Budget. The latest Liberal spending binge will allow them to claim there are no surplus funds to honour their agreement. So sorry. Jack Layton and the NDP propped up a tired old government for nothing.

Finally, the Canadian people have their chance to assign a grade to 13 years of Liberal waste and mismanagement. Three strikes and you're out Mr. Martin. No buying us off this time.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

That angry Stephen! 
(en francais)

Latest from the Liberal Party. "Their political agenda must be the country's agenda"?

Please. This coming from the entitlement crowd is so rich, I'm putting on a few pounds just thinking about it.
Dear Liberal Friend,

As I write these words, Liberal Headquarters here at 81 Metcalfe Street in Ottawa is alive with energy and excitement. Computers are being wired up, telephones installed, and preparations for an election are being finalized.

Canadians have said repeatedly that they don’t want a Holiday election. But the Opposition Parties, led by an angry, gloomy Stephen Harper, have decided that their political agenda must be the country’s agenda. That, of course, is their prerogative. But surely it doesn’t require, as they spent yesterday doing, calling all Liberals corrupt and drawing a direct line from the Liberal Party to organized crime.

The Bloc? Their separatist agenda requires that they construct “winning conditions” for a referendum, a referendum that PQ Leader André Boisclair has promised to hold “immediately” after winning power at the provincial level. For the Bloc, the election of a Stephen Harper government with them holding the balance of power is the ultimate “winning condition”. For they know that Stephen Harper’s neo-conservative agenda is the very antithesis of Quebeckers’ views. They, too, call all Liberals “corrupt” in the most McCarthyite way, to mask the fact that they have no policies that represent a positive vision of Quebec’s place in Canada.

It all amounts to a nasty campaign. As Liberals, we need to be prepared for the lowest possible level of political discourse from our opponents. We need to be prepared to respond to excessive charges. And we need to promote our record of achievement. That means speaking of a 30-year low in unemployment. Record surpluses. The best economy in the G-8. Social innovation. Child care. Tax cuts. Positive things – things that we can all be proud of.

I will be spending the rest of the time before Monday working with the Campaign team to construct a winning campaign. That campaign will cost over $18 million. Now more than ever, we need your help to mount that campaign. Our candidates need your time and talents. Your friends and neighbours can and should be asked to pitch in and help on our campaign.

Finally, we need your help to finance the campaign. Please take the time to donate to a winning campaign. Even a small amount helps. And as we approach year end, you are close to obtaining a generous tax credit.

As we approach our campaign launch, we carry with us the support of the hundreds of thousands of Liberals across Canada. And more than ever, we ask for a demonstration of that support: financial, moral, and otherwise – to re-elect a Liberal government.
Haven't we financed you enough already? Here's a thought. Find the missing $40 million owed to taxpayers by the Liberal Party. That should cover a few elections.

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Quick Poll Freep 
(en francais)

AM800 Windsor CKLW

Scroll down on the right

Will there be a new party in power after the next federal election?

You bet!

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Please remove me 
(en francais)

Yesterday was a very busy day for me in my other life, (American Thanksgiving and the annual Lions/Packers game is very good for business in these parts) so there was a lot going on that I missed. What a difference a day can make.

Start off with James Bow's excellent post - I, Blog. That one got me thinking.

then I read this post and the follow-up

For me, a little bit of fun and vanity is no longer worth it. I'll take my pail and shovel and depart on this one. No judgements or comments, just a personal choice.

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Brison goes green 
(en francais)

In the flood of Government announcements flowing these days, I almost missed this little gem.

Government of Canada Adopts New Environmental Standard for Buildings

I wonder if one of Ottawa's building purchases would qualify?

Maybe the mould has some redeeming purpose?

We've spent $82 million renovating the place so far, what's another $10 or $20 million now that the Liberals have opened up the vaults.

It's only your tax dollars being wisely managed.

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Hagar nails it again 
(en francais)

One person, one vote at a time!

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Windsor-Tecumseh doesn't need another parrot 
(en francais)

It took new Liberal apologist candidate Bruck Easton less than a day to begin parroting the Liberal party line. Windsor-Tecumseh needs someone with conviction who will Stand Up for us, not fall in line.

He said the area is feeling the economic impact of problems at the Big Three automakers and of the high dollar. The border issue also looms large, with construction of a new crossing and a U.S. requirement that Canadians carry passports when they enter.

Easton called the prospect of a holiday campaign "unfortunate."
The new border crossing and potential use of passports on the border are two of the biggest issues affecting Windsor. The crossing will change the face of Windsor forever. The longer we wait, the more jobs and the local economy are at risk.

Nothing is "unfortunate" that will help bring a speedier resolution to these and other important issues facing Canadians today.

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Paul Martin's Non-Election Promises 
(en francais)

Just in case you were wondering why it's better to have an election now, rather than in the spring.

To add the pic to your blog or website, just cut and paste the code below

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2005 Blog Awards Voting Begins 
(en francais)

Below I've listed my choices for the awards. Agree/disagree - just go vote - often.

I've resolved to only post on this once, and see what happens. Besides, with the writ about to drop, there won't be any time to spare.

Best Blog
Bound By Gravity - widely respected and greatly missed.

Best Progressive Blog
Calgary Grit - always an provocative, interesting read.

Best Conservative Blog
A North American Patriot - a personal favourite. A gem I found at the bottom of the BT roll, before she became famous! :)

Best New Blog
Blue Blogging Soapbox - nothing wrong with a touch of vanity now and again.

Best Group Blog
The London Fog - a recent find for me, but a thoroughly good read.

Best Humour Blog
The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns - Rick Mercer's not bad, but I always like the underdog.

Best PhotoBlog - this is one category I'm not sure of. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never visited any of the blogs listed. Will work on that.

Best Culture Blog
Blogette - style and panache. Best disher in town.

Best Personal Blog
Postcards From The Mothership - honest and unassuming.

Best Media Blog
Inkless Wells - he makes me laugh, even when I'm pissed at what he's written (or not written, for that matter)

Best Business Blog
The Eclectic Econoclast - an economist with a sense of humour. A rare find. Careful - you might actually learn something by visiting. (Note - don't be confused when you visit, the blog was recently renamed "An Econoclectic Perspective". Say that 3 times fast)

Best Religious
Relapsed Catholic - a curiousity on my part, based on my upbringing and wandering over the years

Best Sports Blog
CanadianRules.ca - short and sweet, just the way I like my sports. Save the editorials for politics.

Best Blog Post
Small Dead Animals: I Concede - Kate, with a dash of sarcasm. (PS - you can access my bank account anytime Kate - problem is, the Liberals have already beat you to it. )

Best Blog Series
Calgary Grit - The Greatest Prime Minister - I loved this series, and the way it was presented. Generated plenty of snarling from all sides of the political spectrum. (Note: I voted for my own entry in this one for my first vote. I didn't want to get zero!)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Brison vs the NCC 
(en francais)

From Gerry Nichols blog:

Great little chronology in a special section on the NCC website. You'll love the picture they have of Brison.

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First Bruck Easton election sign ready to go 
(en francais)

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Former PC Party President to run for Liberals 
(en francais)

Looks like the rumours are confirmed. Former PC Party of Canada President Bruck Easton brings his stunning electoral experience to the Liberal Party of Canada. The only person to ever make Joe Clark look like a winner.

Bruck Easton - Progressive Conservative.
1988 - 8453 votes
1997 - 4253 votes
1999 - 2074 votes
2000 - 1906 votes

Easton was always the "go to" guy for old-line PCs in the riding when no one else wished to run. Looks like he wants to maintain the tradition for his new, old, party.
(Easton was a Liberal until 1974)

Easton didn't get it then, and it seems like he still doesn't. He represents the last of the old line political hacks that Windsor parties used to churn out. Taking his pail and shovel with him, Easton left the PCs because he was left out of the merger talks and wasn't afforded the spotlight he felt he richly deserved. His defection to the Liberals and agreement to now run for them simply reinforces the rot still working it's way through the Liberal party. Entering the campaign now is his last ditch attempt to get what he believes is rightfully his. A fitting candidate to represent how little change really has occured in Paul Martin's "new" Liberal party.

Easton to carry Liberal banner against Comartin

Anne Jarvis
Windsor Star

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bruck Easton, a former national president of the Progressive Conservative party and four-time federal Tory candidate, will announce today that he will run for the Liberals in the federal election expected imminently.

"I'm not going to confirm or deny anything," Easton said Tuesday after calling a news conference for today. "I'll have some comments tomorrow," he said.

But a Liberal insider said Tuesday Easton will run against incumbent NDP MP Joe Comartin in Windsor-Tecumseh.

"Yes, absolutely," the source said. "He's thinking this is his last attempt. It's an uphill battle, but he's looking forward to it. He thinks he can get at some of Joe's support and appeal to some of the red Tories in the riding, those who may not be enamored of (Conservative party leader) Stephen Harper."

Easton's candidacy was confirmed at a riding association meeting last weekend, the source said.

Easton, a Windsor tax lawyer, grew up a Liberal. His father, Robert, and Paul Martin Sr. were law partners. But Easton left the Liberals in 1974, citing what he saw as the party's fiscal irresponsibility and Pierre Trudeau's wage and price controls.

Easton ran for the Tories in Windsor four times and was the party's national treasurer from 1999 to 2001 and president from 2001 to 2003, participating in talks to merge the former PC and Canadian Alliance parties.

But in the last election in June 2004, after 30 years as a Tory, Easton returned to the Liberals, standing on his front lawn and pounding in a campaign sign for candidate Rick Limoges, whom he had run against in the past. He said he could no longer follow the party's direction.

Welcome to the race Bruck. You've got a little bit of work ahead of you!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Only one thing missing now... 
(en francais)

Those non-partisan, Government of Canada commercials. You know, the ones from Health Canada or Environment Canada, designed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy about what a good job the Liberals are doing for Canada. They're only providing information that every Canadian needs, of course. They have been planned for months, but, somehow magically appear just prior to an election.

They're always my favourite.

On the other hand, I guess Stephen, Jack and Gilles have thrown off the Liberals timing this time.

The next round of ads isn't scheduled to run until January/February.

Hmm...., for some reason, that time frame sounds strangely familiar.

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It was all just a silly misunderstanding...TWICE! 
(en francais)

Seems like 'Mr. Clean' has been having a rough time of it lately.

"All persons recruited externally must be from designated groups (persons who are visible minorities, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and women), except for cases having received ADM/CEO written approval,"

Ban on hiring white men overturned

Deputy minister David Marshall issued a new memo yesterday.

"While the measure proposed last week was short term and not intended to be a ban on hiring individuals from non-designated groups, it could well lead to this impression," he said.

"As such, I am rescinding this measure immediately. Please accept my apologies."

Brison apologizes for remarks about Harper

In the letter to Harper, which Brison read in the Commons, he says it is not true that Harper contravened federal lobbying law when he was president of the citizens coalition.

Brison also acknowledges that it is not true that Harper's past is littered with examples of questionable if not illegal behaviour, nor has the coalition been charged with any crimes.

Brison had previously withdrawn the accusations in an email to coalition vice-president Gerry Nicholls and in a letter to Harper, but both described those letters as half-baked and Harper and the coalition had threatened to sue.
It's only taken Minister Brison two short years to become a full-fledged member of the Liberal Entitlement Club, ready to do and say anything to hold onto power.

Edit: Make that thrice!

Kiss my ass says Brison

H/T Neale News

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Kudos to Stephen Harper 
(en francais)

Good job by Stephen Harper on Paul Martin's "defence" of Canada.
21 November 2005

OTTAWA – Conservative leader and Leader of the Opposition Stephen Harper issued the following statement today:

“It is odd to see that Paul Martin would rather fight against André Boisclair instead of trying to work with Premier Charest and his government. André Boisclair has not even been elected to the National Assembly. Paul Martin is in no position to talk about national unity. How can he try and lecture on the rule of law when his own party has broken every single rule in the book and has been found responsible for all the wrongdoings in the Sponsorship Scandal by Judge Gomery? The Liberals are completely discredited in Québec. Quebecers are tired of this bickering – they want an alternative to corruption and separation. ”


For more information please call Carolyn Stewart-Olsen at (613) 297-9479
The sad thing is, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Bloq Quebecois are like two parasites feeding off the corpse of seperation. They both require it to scare voters into their respective camps. The best way to cut the legs off seperation issues is remove the underlying causes, the biggest of which is the continual interference of the federal government in provincial affairs.
14. Federalism
A Conservative Government will restore the constitutional balance between the federal and provincial and territorial governments.

The Conservative Party is committed to the federal principle and to the notion of strong provinces within Canada. A Conservative Government will work co-operatively with the provinces to improve the lives of Canadians while respecting the division of power and responsibilities outlined in the Constitution.

A Conservative Government will ensure that the use of the federal spending power in provincial jurisdictions is limited, authorizing the provinces to use the opting out formula with full compensation if they want to opt out of a new or modified federal program, in areas of shared or exclusive jurisdiction.
Do we not have enough federal issues to keep Parliament busy for the next 5 years? The Liberal Party of Canada through their ham-handed efforts in Quebec, has done more for the cause of seperation than anything the PQ or BQ ever did.

That's just my 2 1/2 cents. (GST included)

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Update: Iraq Milblogger 
(en francais)

Update on Grey Eagle's situation

Nice to see some fellow Canadians stop by and offer their support. Over 179 comments on her support thread. She has posted an update on the blog:

UPDATE: I was more than amazed when I logged on this morning and saw the comments and my email. Thank you all so much. I cannot tell you how much it all meant to me, and I confess to having more than one tear in my eye after reading them all. I am so deeply moved by the response.

Just to explain, as it seems to be a big question. When I add a new soldier to the tributes script/program it prints to the website "you have been hacked....Bush lied..." no matter what I type. So while it does not seem to have affected what I previously did, I cannot add anymore soldiers to my tribute. I can delete, but not add. But there have been many offers to fix or rebuild the website, which I hope to accept their offers and never have this happen again.

Thank ALL of you for your support. I have shared many of your stories and comments with the soldiers here already. It made our day. When you read all the comments and all the email, I know as I sit here this moment I am proud to be an American and honored to serve each and very one of you.

Grey Eagle
"Air Assault!"
Salute to Grey Eagle

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Misleading Posts 
(en francais)

Prog Bloggers ready to take on misleading posts.

Fair game, but mind the sign.

Edit: Response from Canadian Cynic - Try cleaning your own house first.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

A simple election choice 
(en francais)

Paul Martin as Prime Minister

Stephen Harper as Prime Minister

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Iraq milblogger in need of some support 
(en francais)

(H/T to Wizbang)

Grey Eagle - I am a 35 year old wife, mother, and U.S. Soldier with the 101st Airborne Division. If you have been following this website over the last few months, then you know it was mostly about my training for deployment to Iraq. Now it will be about my life in Iraq

Grey Eagle's site has been hacked, spammed and inundated by trolls. Here's a portion of her comments:
I wish to express my congratulations to the hackers, vandals, and anti-war visitors who successfully blocked my ability to post any further tributes to the soldiers. I am sure you find victory in preventing myself and others from having a place to read and pay our respects to the Fallen Female Soldiers, and my brother’s in arms, the brave soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division. I can only imagine your satisfaction in justifying the disgrace of men and women who died for this country. You may not feel it was justified, but they gave their lives believing in what they were doing. Apparently freedom of speech is merely a phrase to you, not something you believe, in unless it applies to you. If you do not share the person’s view you justify your actions in removing the ability for them to express their opinions. In doing so, you have only displayed to me that your cause is unjust, and strengthen my resolve and beliefs in what we are doing here. You have dishonored those who did believe in something, and toke away my right to mourn their memories. These were men and women who actually took a stand in what they believed in, sacrificed their time with their families, and put themselves in danger simply because they believed in something. So to support your beliefs what have you done? Oh, that is right, you took away my freedom to pay tribute and mourn my fellow soldiers.

I have never took away anyone’s freedom to post their views here. It was my belief that if I was to fight and defend freedom, then that would have to be for all, regardless of whether I believed in your views or not. I never deleted your comments or views, and rarely stepped in to oppose them or prevent your expression of them. I even went as far as to give you a forum on the website at my expense to present your views in open debate. But you hacked that, and prevented anyone from presenting their views. I guess that is your version of freedom of speech that you believe in so dearly in.

As a proud former member of the Canadian Navy, this just makes my blood boil.

Stop by and show your support. Don't let the trolls win.

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Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

A Chick Named Marzi
Blogging by an oddity:A pro-American, conservative Canadian punk chick

Back from a brief hiatus, drop in and say hello.

Blog on!

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Things are getting dangerous these days 
(en francais)

If someone isn't careful, Canadians might actually start understanding and worse yet, liking economists. Perish the thought.

A Canadian Econoview - yet another must read, along with The Eclectic Econoclast - recently renamed An Econoclectic Perspective. (and I thought the other blog name was hard to say!)

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Carnival of Comedy - Canadian Liberal Edition 
(en francais)

1. After trying out his own version of the "Clarity Act", Liberal Cabinet Minister Pierre Pettigrew apologizes for calling PQ leaders "losers".

2. Having failed in his attempt to smear Stephen Harper and the NCC last week, Scott Brison takes another kick at the can , and extracts his pound of flesh at the same time.

3. Not to be outdone, the other Scott, Scott Reid now has the opportunity to make the round of weekend talk shows to explain Paul Martin's firing of Jean Pelletier.

This, from March of 2004 - "after due consideration and with cause." "The government stands by that decision and is prepared to be judged on that basis," Scott Reid said in an interview. (CP, London Free Press, March 7, 2004)

Seems the Federal Judge had a rather different view of the situation.

(O/T, but didn't the Province of Ontario recently pass legislation banning Pitt Bulls and mandating that those currently owned be neutered and microchipped? )

4. The Federal Liberals are having a contest to see who can come up with the best excuse on why not to have an election yet. Winner receives an all expenses paid vacation to the highly sought after Liberal retirement home. I hear Francis Fox and Art Eggleton have a real hummer of a Christmas party planned.

5. Liberal MP's are barred from entering the contest above for two years, that is, unless they get an exemption from Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro. I hear they're really popular with ex-Liberal Cabinet ministers.

6. Speaking of Mr. Shapiro, I think it's time to end the comedy show posing as an Ethics office. (subscription only) My recommendation. Hire this guy or this one. Pay them whatever it takes. Canada would be better off for it.

7. Immigration Minister Joe Volpe finally emerged from the pizza parlour long enough to table some legislation in the house. Funny thing is (hence it's inclusion here), notwithstanding the current state of affairs in the House of Commons, Joe must be a pretty optimistic guy. Given PM Paul Martin's committment to calling an election 30 days after Justice Gomery's second report, this legislation would need to ride a rocket to make it through the house before then. I wonder if it might be related to this in any way?

At the very least, I figure it's a good candidate for #4. No stealing - you heard it here first.

8. Minister responsible for Democratic Renewal Belinda Stronach receives report,
Developing New Approaches to Funding Results. No, it's not the new Liberal Party of Canada fundraising plan, although the title certainly fits. I guess Democratic Renewal is on hold until the Minister finishes that cross country consultation. I forget, when is that supposed to start?

9. Bata is now leading the charge in showcasing Canadian Diversity on the internet. I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one.

10. PM Paul Martin finally tracked down President Bush. I bet George will never forget this meeting. He looked pretty impressed to me. (scroll down - secret contest!)

(A big H/T to The North American Patriot for the inspiration and the pic!)

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Call me crazy, but... 
(en francais)

I just had to screen capture these 3 posts for posterity.

Blogging Blog

Why no comments?

Blogosphere becoming a cesspool

That's about it for that subject I think.

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New BBS Multimedia Contest Entry 
(en francais)

From DazzlinDino @Blogging Party of Canada

Original file - bluechristmas.pps
(1.56mb...to download, right click and choose "Save target as...")

If you don't have PowerPoint, you can get the free Windows Powerpoint Viewer.

Take a moment and watch it in Powerpoint. Although the video conversion doesn't look too bad, a little something gets lost in the process.

Blue Christmas
(1.61 mb...to download, right click and choose "Save target as...")

BBS Multimedia Contest
Pics, videos, songs, Power Point presentations - whatever your hearts desire
Send your entries or links to bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com

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Dubious Day #200 
(en francais)

Herle's budget contract 'unethical', critics charge


Friday, November 18, 2005 Page A4

OTTAWA -- The untendered contract issued to Liberal campaign manager David Herle for advice on this week's mini-budget demonstrates that the Liberals still confuse the government with their partisan political business, opposition politicians charged yesterday.

The opposition also said that the $320,000 paid to another firm for polling and focus groups was work that the Liberals will use on their campaign that adds no value for Canadian taxpayers.

WE Speak at 9:46 a.m. links to this post    | en francais | Go to Top|

Fund the Child 
(en francais)

KIDS FIRST is part of the growing national FUND THE CHILD Coalition asking our governments to fund the child directly by funding families rather than attempting to construct an unwanted, discriminatory, grossly inefficient, and harmful system of state-controlled "spaces" for children.

FUND THE CHILD EVENTS will be held Canada-wide Nov 19, followed by a RALLY and PRESS CONFERENCE in OTTAWA NOV 21.

We will be announcing our formal complaint to the UN regarding our government's continued discrimination against children, parents/mothers and families as a follow up to the 1997 complaint brought by Bev Smith, former Kids First President. This is in collaboration with Swedish parents group, Children's Right To Parents' Time.

Check below for events scheduled as of Oct 31. Consider hosting an event in your area: no gathering is too small. We supply support and info materials.

For further information contact national coordinators:


Kate Tennier



Phone: 416-233-7410

Locations confirmed for November 19th Day of Protest
(this list was last updated on November 16)

Burnaby, B.C.
11:00 am
250 Willingdon Ave one block north of Hastings on Albert St/South side of Building - outside
contact: James and Lisa 604-298-1509

Duncan, BC
10:30 am (to be confirmed)
City Hall
contact: Jennifer ginger@telus.net

Vancouver, B.C.
1:00 pm
210 W Broadway on sidewalk outside daycare lobby offices
contact: Helen Ward info@kidsfirstcanada.org

Calgary, Alta.
12:00 noon
Bowness Community Centre, 7904- 43 Avenue NW
contact: Bev Smith bevgsmith@hotmail.com

Edmonton, Alta.
11:00 am
Strathcona County Health Centre, 2 Brower Drive, Sherwood Park
contact: Michelle Olson homebychoice@shaw.ca

Strathmore, Alta.
contact: Jackie Dalstra jackie_dalstra@yahoo.com

Regina, Sask.
5:00 pm, FRIDAY NOV 18
1335 Chatwin Cres
contact: Nicole LaRose jnlarose@accesscomm.ca

Hamilton, Ont.
11:00 am
Hamilton City Hall
Second Floor Vestibule, 71 Main Street
contact: Mark-Alan Whittle markalanwhittle@mountaincable.net

Toronto, Ont.
11:00 am
Queen's Park
A special guest from Sweden will speak on the Swedish PARENTS’ REVOLT against daycare discrimination
contact: Kate Tennier ktennier@rogers.com

Thunder Bay, Ont.
12:30 pm
James Street Park on James Street
contact: Keri Maki makifamily@shaw.ca

Stratford, Ont.
11:00 am
City Hall, front steps
contact: Joanne jekistruck@rogers.com

Montreal, Que.
1:30 pm
Centre de la Nature de Laval
901, avenue du Parc, Laval
contact: Yvonne Coupal, Les citoyen(ne)s en faveur de l'équité fiscale des subventions pour soins de garde pour tous les enfants (Citizens in Favour of Equal Government Childcare Subsidies for All Children)
childcareequity@hotmail.com equitesoinsdegarde@hotmail.com

Charlottetown, PEI
10:30 am
Province House downtown, or next door at the Confederation Centre if raining
contact: Sandy Nicholson doula@isn.net

Moncton, New Brunswick
contact: Melanie Titus mmtitus@nb.sympatic.ca

Truro, Nova Scotia
9:30 am
T.A.A.C. playground on Prince St.
contact: Jennifer Auld-Cameron 902-893-1688

Halifax, Nova Scotia
1:00 pm
Banook Lake playground (adjacent to Sullivan's Pond) in Dartmouth
contact: Noreen Millar 902-864-4720

**Ottawa will be participating in a RALLY on parliament hill on Monday November 21 at 10:00, before our press conference at 11:00, and will not be rallying on the 19th.
contact: Sara Landriault sara@landriault.com

TBA: Winnipeg, Manitoba; Newfoundland; Miramichi, New Brunswick

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Conservatisme paradoxal 
(en francais)

Conservatisme paradoxal

Bienvenue au blog du candidat conservateur pour la circonscription de Québec: M. Frédérik Boisvert.

Welcome to the Blogging Tories blogroll. Best wishes on your election campaign.

WE Speak at 2:28 a.m. links to this post    | en francais | Go to Top|

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

(en francais)

As the election is upon us, I won't have any more time for videos until the new year. Between the election and work, spare time is going to be rather fleeting. But, I just couldn't stop cold without saying a proper farewell to some people...

(7.23 mb...To download, right click and choose "Save target as...)

BBS Multimedia Contest
Pics, videos, songs, Power Point presentations - whatever your hearts desire
Send your entries or links to bluebloggingsoapbox@gmail.com

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Top 10 List - Liberal Spin and Arrogance on Election Call 
(en francais)

10. "Complaints that, until an election is actually called, Mr. Martin will be able to travel the country, wooing voters, while using the federally funded Challenger jet clearly annoyed Martin but he chose not to answer it directly, saying he needed to be in Toronto to talk about the aboriginal summit with Mr. Campbell." (Globe and Mail, November 11, 2005).

Mr. Campbell's spokesman said the Premier met with Mr. Martin in Toronto because the Prime Minister was already planning to be in the city on other business. (Globe and Mail, November 11, 2005). The only "other business" on Martin’s itinerary in Toronto on Thursday was a speech to a Liberal Party fundraiser, where attendees had to pay at least $1,000 to attend.

9. A senior official in the Prime Minister's Office seemed to be goading the opposition to trigger an election, saying Martin wouldn't be bullied into adopting their timetable. (Toronto Sun, November 14, 2005)

8. "It's like watching chimpanzees trying to ride a unicycle. I don't know what any of it means. People expect government to be at work until such time as the government is defeated. And our position is very simple: if the Opposition want to combine forces and move a motion of non-confidence, that's their right. And they can do so. But come big or go home. " – Scott Reid, Paul Martin’s Director of Communications (CBC Newsworld, Politics, November 11, 2005)

7. "The reality is, we do need some time. We need time to rebuild a federalist option and strengthen a federalist option in ... Quebec and I think that would be in the nation's interest to have that extra time to demonstrate we did learn lessons from the sponsorship scandal." Belinda Stronach (CP, November 8, 2005)

Justice Gomery had this to say about the Liberals being the only federalist option in Canada:

“The inclusion of this recommendation in the Massé Report is an indication of the failure of some members of the Government at that time to consider that any political party other than the Liberal Party of Canada could have a role in promoting federalism in Quebec. This attitude was displayed by the former Executive Director of the Quebec wing of the Liberal Party of Canada, Benoît Corbeil, when he testified. This attitude, which may not have been shared by all members of the Party, is difficult to reconcile with basic democratic values.” (First Gomery Report, p. 69)
I guess Minister Stronach has got to that part of the report yet.

6. "If the opposition brings down the government, warned an election-ready Prime Minister Paul Martin, needy Canadian families won't receive a $250 rebate on energy costs this winter, farmers will be denied mad cow aid and soldiers will not receive the pay raises they so richly deserve. Nor will his government be able to finish its reform of health care or bring the Americans to heel on issues like softwood lumber, warned Chicken Little ... er, the PM.

"And aboriginal Canadians could be denied the first ministers meeting and progress on clean water and better health care in their communities."

We're apparently supposed to forget that his party has been able to do none of the above during more than a decade in power." (Ottawa Sun, November 15, 2005)

5. In December 1979, the Liberals had no problem bringing down the Clark government and forcing an election over the holidays. Among the Liberals voting to force a holiday election on December 13th, 1979 was Jean Lapierre, the current Minister of Transport and Political Minister for Quebec (Division No. 8). Also voting to force an election over the holiday season were Paul Martin’s close advisors and cronies Dennis Dawson and Francis Fox, who Martin appointed to the Senate, as well as Liberal Senators George Baker and Celine Hervieux-Payette. According to Jean Lapierre, Canadians weren’t upset by a holiday election. "WELL, PEOPLE WERE REALLY NICE. THERE WAS NO PROBLEM WITH THAT" (CBC Newsworld, November 15, 2005)

4. The Conservatives also have nominated 274 candidates out of 308 ridings; the New Democrats have nominated 187; and the Liberals 93. (CBC News 15 Nov, 05)

3. "I do not want to have a Christmas election, I want to govern," Martin told reporters on Parliament Hill. (CTV News, 15 Nov, 05)

2."Put up or shut up" was Transport Minister Jean Lapierre's message to the opposition, saying the Sponsorship scandal is behind the Liberals. (Canadian Press, November 14, 2005)

#1 reason why Paul Martin and the Liberals want to delay an election as long as possible?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Today's Liberal Cartoon 
(en francais)

Belinda's Survey Edit - the survey seems to be gone now :)

This grassroots survey is designed to find out what you think is the most important issue facing constituents living here in Newmarket-Aurora.

This is not a sophisticated survey. The intent is to discover a sense of the key issues that impact you. In future weeks we plan on conducting further polls in a little more depth.

It is simple to list what many see as critical or key issues - so please choose carefully.

Thank you for taking the time.
Either Belinda's constituents have a deep faith in Ethics and are ready to toss her out of office or Belinda's staff have been VERY busy raising her Democratic Renewal profile.

You decide.

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Swift Retribution 
(en francais)

Looks like someone got their pound of flesh!
"Mr. Guest will play a significant, but lesser role in the war room. According to insiders, Mr. Guest is being blamed for giving the wrong information to Public Works Minister Scott Brison, who recently accused Mr. Harper of being an unregistered lobbyist when he was head of the National Citizens Coalition. Mr. Brison was forced to apologize for his statements."

WE Speak at 4:41 p.m. links to this post    | en francais | Go to Top|

Running from Google 
(en francais)

Edit - seems like 'Running for Alberta' has removed the "Formidible Foe" post that this blog refers to.

Just a quick note for Running for Alberta

Run real hard - Google is pretty hard to escape from.

The only foe you really face is yourself.

You can remove May, June, July and August from your archives, but they'll always be around. (This was just a real quick search, mind you, I'm sure that some digging would reveal more)

"When foam at the mouth takes the place of reasonable arguments"

LiberAlberta - The Calgary Observer
Politics, Society, Business, Media and much more from a Canadian and progressive point of view.

August 2005

CalgaryObserver Blogcast - Mainstream parties are on their way out.

July 2005

June 2005

BTW, last time I looked around the blogsphere, it wasn't a 'Tory' that was calling you on something.

Integrity - Democracy - Accountability - Transparency are powerful words to live up to.

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How soon they forget 
(en francais)

Liberal arrogance personified

"Put up or shut up," was Transport Minister Jean Lapierre's message to the opposition, saying the sponsorship scandal is behind the Liberals.
The ink is hardly dry on Justice Gomery's first report and all is well for the Liberals. Speaks volumes.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Please don't make me vote! 
(en francais)

Funniest damn thing I've read in a long time. (H/T to Wonder Woman). Here's a snip on someone who might help him decide who to vote for:

"I imagine Don Cherry could as well, but with an election in the offing, CBC censors will no doubt jam a Percocet drip into his aorta and duct-tape him into Hannibal Lecter’s anti-cannibalism muzzle for the duration."
In true Canadian tradition, I think RightThinkingPeople has earned a nomination for Best Blog Post. He's got my vote!

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The Amazing Wonderdog 
(en francais)

Credit where credit is due.

I probably disagree with just about everything he writes, but that doesn't mean he's not a class act. (Although, I don't disagree with the barking mad part - lol!)

That's why he's on the list in my RSS Bandit.

A very lively discussion going on in the comments section. Check it out.

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Toronto Star Liberal Pre-Election Ad 
(en francais)

The only thing Thomas Walkom's article is missing is the standard disclaimer "this ad authorized by the Official Agent for the Liberal Party of Canada".
Still feeling jilted after right-wing marriage
Many unhappy with PC-Alliance union

Nov. 12, 2005. 10:11 AM

Almost two years after the merger that created it, Canada's new Conservative party remains haunted by the circumstances of its creation.
I especially like the former Progressive Conservative members they tracked down who are now NDP supporters.

As someone who is working on the Rick Fuschi's campaign in Windsor-Tecumseh, I look forward to having former PC President Bruck Easton as the Liberal candidate. His comments in today's Star article will be very usefull in the upcoming election.

As well, as someone who was part of neither legacy party in the past, I'll have some interesting perspectives to share as the campaign develops.

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Garth Turner on the 'mini-budget' 
(en francais)

Garth has a great post highlighting the failures of this Liberal election mini-budget.

He certainly has a better grasp on this than I do, so I'll let him explain.

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Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

Seems like the BT wasn't picking up my feed for some reason yesterday, so I'll try this one again. I don't want to deprive Blogette of her extra 50 hits. :)

AN APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION BUT I SCRAPE THE PLATE (send your tips, gripes and gossip to: blogette@gmail.com)

A Conservative blogger with, how shall we say it? A certain 'panache'!

Drop in and say hello. Blogette will help remind you it's not necessarily all politics, all the time.

A Special Note

For those who haven't heard as yet, Andrew at Bound By Gravity is hanging up his spurs for now on the blogging side. He still intends to keep Canconv and the Unofficial Canadian Political Contributions Search Tool up and running. If you haven't already, stop in his blog and leave your farewells.

As many have already stated, hopefully this is just a brief respite and not a permanent departure. Andrew has always added great value to the BT roll and was a welcoming blog to many a newcomer, myself included.

Andrew - you're always welcome to post here should you ever feel the need to chime in now and again. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to some kick ass new Political Blogging tools now that you have all this spare time on your hands!

Best Wishes.

Blog On!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blogging Tories Site of the Week. 
(en francais)

AN APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION BUT I SCRAPE THE PLATE (send your tips, gripes and gossip to: blogette@gmail.com)

A Conservative blogger with, how shall we say it? A certain 'panache'!

Drop in and say hello. Blogette will help remind you it's not necessarily all politics, all the time.

A Special Note

For those who haven't heard as yet, Andrew at Bound By Gravity is hanging up his spurs for now on the blogging side. He still intends to keep Canconv and the Unofficial Canadian Political Contributions Search Tool up and running. If you haven't already, stop in his blog and leave your farewells.

As many have already stated, hopefully this is just a brief respite and not a permanent departure. Andrew has always added great value to the BT roll and was a welcoming blog to many a newcomer, myself included.

Andrew - you're always welcome to post here should you ever feel the need to chime in now and again. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to some kick ass new Political Blogging tools now that you have all this spare time on your hands!

Best Wishes.

Blog On!

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hey you self-righteous prick 
(en francais)

As a rule, I generally avoid any sort of flame war, but for this I'll make an exception. Like a lot of people, I enjoy a good rant now and again, but should I ever cross the line I would expect to be called on it. Consider this me calling you on it Liberal4Life.

Since Liberal4Life does not have comments turned on, this is my response below.

Liberal4Life - I'm quite disgusted with some of my fellow Canadians.

Liberal4Life - I agree with you that the posters comments were not in keeping with Rememberance Day, and would probably have been better said at another time and another place. Where we disagree is how you go from 'disgusted with some fellow Canadians' to a general frothing rant against the Conservative Party of Canada.

Let's follow your path.

1. fred_o1 is "scum of the earth"
2. "This is the reason I am so opposed to a Conservative government, because I know that deep down the people that run it (mainly the former Reform element) think exactly this way." - So Conservatives are scum of the Earth, that think exactly the same as this person, and we're all Reform.
3. "They'd perfer to just line these people up against a wall and stone them to death." - Conservatives, one and all, are racist, bigoted and anti-immigrant.
4. "Back when the two parties were seperate I respected the old PC party. I obviously felt they were misguided but I at least had the feeling that they wanted what was best for Canada, and that what they thought was best for Canada wasn't some perverted middle age mentality. I don't feel the same way about the current incarnation."
- Conservatives don't want what is best for Canada, only Liberals do. Conservative viewpoints are some "perverted mentality".
5. "Is this the way Reform people in Alberta actually want the country run? If it is I say pack your bags and get the fuck out of my country, Hell I'll help you pack! And you guys can have your theocracy and when you feel like coming back to the 21st century give us a call." - The entire Conservative Party is made up of ex-Reform party members from Alberta. Having an independent viewpoint is just cause for anyone to "get the fuck out of" Liberal4Life's country. Oh yeah, and all Conservatives want to establish a theocracy in Canada.

That about sums it up.

All I have to say is read your own post and tell me who the racist bigot is.

The comments are always open - have at it!

Edit - having thought it over some, I apologize for the title of this post. Looking at it after cooling off some, I realize that I'm just as bad as Liberal4Life for using such a title. I will leave it up there as I don't believe in editing out ones mistakes. Instead I'll just take my lumps.

Edit 2 - consider Alberta-Canada Now added to the list of self-righteous.

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