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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Somebody needs a blog 
en francais)

Ok, with a rant like this, someone really needs to get a blog.

Note: The fact that I wholeheartedly agree with him and he's my best friend has nothing to do with it.

Psst - Hey, I hear the OLO is looking for a good pitbull.

Wudrick Blog: Angry Tories, Round 2:

"Money, Members, Canvassing, Voter ID, Events, Youth recruitment, Training, letter writing camapigns, phone in campaigns......

We are not even doing the basics in most ridings in Ontario. How many ridings are raisng money? How many candidates are knocking on doors for 3hrs a day? How many ridings are reaching for 1000 members? How many member events this year? How many supporter events this year? How many open events(town halls) this year?

Where is the closest University or College? Has the local EDA done anything to help them raise money? To reach out to these youth?

We hear all the time that its the 'message'. What message? We bounce around like amateurs. Then we come up with something clever and think that we should move up 10 points in the polls.

If Healthcare is the #1 issue than get the little old lady who's husband died in the waiting room on TV and hammer it home. Let her tell her story. She can also tell average Joe Canadian that she has a bad knee and while she's been waiting 8 months to get it looked at the other knee has now gone bad because of all the extra strain on it.

Lets talk taxes. Here is how much money you make.....Here is how much goes to taxes........Here is the long line up at the hospital awaiting you........Here is the brown out in your city coming soon............and here is your factory closing and going overseas.

We can show guns in our commercials too. And the faces of all the young people dying in Toronto because of them. Liberals want a gun registry, we want guns off the streets.

Ask the question at the end of the commercial.........

You want jobs? You want prosperity? You want safe communities? It's your choice....

Stand up and be counted! Vote Conservative."

WE Speak at 1:46 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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