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Monday, September 05, 2005

Cow left barn last year, please close the door 
(en francais)

File system 'infringes copyright'

Australia News.com.au

Fighting yesterday's battles. Look what happened when they shut down Napster. The number of different file sharing programs out there is astounding. The music industry needs to find a different revenue model and ITunes and the like is not it.

Hopefully, the Liberals and the CRTC are paying attention. If they try to change the latest CRTC ruling regarding XM/Sirius satellite radio, they are consigning Canadian companies to never succeed. With a Nagra 2 hack already out for FTA receivers and a DTV P4/D1 hack soon to be released, along with all the gray market subscriptions, the CRTC is fast losing any relevance.

Delay satellite radio any longer in Canada and the gray market subscriptions will shoot through the roof. It is just too easy to get a subscription. Do you honestly think XM or Sirius care where the subscription money comes from? For that matter, Bell doesn't seem to mind the money they get from the US and Mexico, where they are not licensed to operate.

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