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Monday, January 30, 2006

Tim Hortons for the troops - update 
(en francais)

Some progress today. Looks like everyone who emailed Tim Hortons received the same email in return from various Customer Service representatives.

It's interesting to note that they state from the outset that the various articles printed were erroneous. I wonder what their spokesman, Mr. Skinner has to say about that. There is also the statement from Frank Cleyson:
Frank Cleyson, director of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency for Task Force Afghanistan, says his agency is in negotiations with the iconic Canadian coffee chain to set up a franchise here, 10,000 kilometres and nine time zones from North America
"It's still in discussions between (National Defence Headquarters in) Ottawa and Tim Hortons headquarters in Oakville," he said. "There hasn't been a decision yet ... (but) I understand the ball is in Tim Hortons court right now."
The reply certainly leaves the door open to negotiations with CANEX for the establishment of an outlet in Afghanistan. I'm going to try and get some contact info for Mr. Cleyson at NDHQ and continue following this situation.

I'm going to change the graphic in the sidebar to one that is a little less provocative, but will continue to highlight this situation.
Dear Mr. Synnott,

Thank you for your feedback. We wish to clarify the news article that ran
on the weekend. Firstly, the article is erroneous. Tim Hortons
unequivocally supports the Canadian Forces and our troops around the world.
We are also very proud to support our Veterans.

Each year we make one large coffee donation to the Forces so that they can
distribute coffee to service personnel at Christmas. This is called
Operation Santa Claus. In 2005, we sent additional coffee shipments to
Pakistan, Tsunami hit areas and Afghanistan as requested by the soldiers.

Secondly, up until today there has been no discussion between the Forces
and Tim Hortons head office about putting a store in Afghanistan. CANEX
(the retail arm of the Canadian Forces) operates six Tim Hortons stores on
bases across the country. We have had an ongoing business relationship with
them since 1994. Requests for putting a location in Afghanistan would only
come from them. If there is a possibility, or the opportunity arises, Tim
Hortons would most certainly look at working with CANEX to have our
products available for the troops in Afghanistan.

Tim Hortons prides itself on giving back to the community and supporting
groups across the country. This includes our partnership with the Canadian
Forces. We hope this clarifies any misunderstanding arising from the
article. Tim Hortons values the sacrifice of our troops and their families,
and will continue to do what we can to bring a little taste of home to the

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


The TDL Group

Operations Services Representative

Paul Synnott at 9:50 p.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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