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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Time pt II 
(en francais)

Time was written in the pre-election build-up, full of hope and confidence. Time is all the more relevant today here in Windsor-Tecumseh. Reality is the ultimate cold-shower of life. To say that the majority of our campaign team is stunned would be an understatement.

I'm proud to have worked on Rick Fuschi's team. Many have dismissed our numbers as hyberbole and typical campaigning. They would be wrong. Rick was the most dedicated,hard working candidate I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. 19,000 doors and 48,888 phone calls. No spin or bullshit there, those are real numbers.

As disappointing as last nights results were, the team has much to be proud of. The campaign raised and spent the limit. This hasn't been done in over 30 years in our riding. Many people may be thinking today that it's all been a waste of time and energy, myself, I see it as an investment in the future.

Townhall meetings, outreach and expanding our supporter base were just some of the activities from this campaign that must continue. To retreat now from these initiatives would be squandering the hard fought gains. The Conservative Party of Canada truly is a big tent party and to continue moving forward we must invite many more people into that tent.

Adam Daifallah's blog today - Sober second thoughts asks a very pertinent question.
One thing the Tories need to do is look at their urban vote problem. The Tories do not have a single seat in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. They didn't win a single seat in Mississauga, Brampton or London. This was solid Mike Harris country. Why are these people still voting Liberal?

In the coming weeks and months we must analyse our data, speak to people and find the answers to Adam's question. Failure to do so would be abandoning the very hope we've been campaigning on for the last year.

WE Speak at 7:30 p.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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