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Saturday, February 04, 2006

One last act... 
(en francais)

of a Liberal regime fading into history. Should be interesting to see Brison, Stronach, McCallum and company explain this one. They were at the cabinet table for this one. Why was it not announced that the issue was going to binding arbitration? No privacy issues involved in announcing that fact.
Attention News Editors:
Settlement between the Government of Canada and the former Master of the Royal Canadian Mint

OTTAWA, Feb. 4 /CNW Telbec/ - The Government of Canada today announced
that, following binding arbitration, it has paid a compensation package to
Mr. David Dingwall, former Master of the Royal Canadian Mint.
The Government stated in October that it would pay Mr. Dingwall only that
which is legally owed him. Since that amount could not be agreed to during
negotiations, the Government agreed to submit the question of its legal
obligations to an independent third party, in the interests of saving the time
and money that legal proceedings could have entailed.
The issue was placed before a highly respected independent arbitrator for
determination. The Honourable George Adams was asked by both parties to rule
on the following questions:

1) Was Mr. Dingwall's resignation voluntary or involuntary, having regard
to all of the circumstances?

2) If the resignation was involuntary, what is the compensation, damages
or terms of departure owing to Mr. Dingwall by Canada, having regard
to all of the circumstances?

Mr. Adams has concluded that Mr. Dingwall's departure was involuntary and
the Government has a legal obligation to pay him $417,780, as well as
associated pension benefits. The binding award of the arbitrator has the force
of a court order, and the Government has respected the decision. This amount
is subject to the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

For further information: Privy Council Office, (613) 957-5168
And Stephen Harper's response:
Statement by Stephen Harper on Dingwall severance package
04 February 2006

OTTAWA – Prime Minister designate Stephen Harper issued the following statement today regarding the compensation package being paid to former Royal Canadian Mint president David Dingwall:

“After months of evasive answers in the House of Commons, we have now learned that David Dingwall’s departure from the Royal Canadian Mint was involuntary. This is contrary to the information given by the Liberal government. I am very disappointed that Parliament was misled on this matter. The public now has all the facts, and it will be the judge of the Liberals’ actions in this affair.”


For more information contact: Press office at (613) 947-2400

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