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Friday, February 10, 2006

Recount results - Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River 
(en francais)

No word on any sort of investigation of voting irregularities.

Elections Canada Announces Results of Judicial Recount
in the Electoral District of Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River

OTTAWA, Friday, February 10, 2006 — The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Jean‑Pierre Kingsley, announced that the judicial recount in the electoral district of Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River (Saskatchewan) was completed today. The recount was conducted by Justice A. R. Rothery of the Court of Queen's Bench of Saskatchewan.

At the 39th general election held on January 23, 2006, the difference between the Liberal Party of Canada candidate, Gary Merasty, and the Conservative Party of Canada candidate, Jeremy Harrison, was 73 votes in favour of Gary Merasty. Following the judicial recount, the difference between the two candidates is 67 votes.

The following are the results of the recount for all candidates in the riding of Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River:

Jeremy Harrison Conservative Party of Canada - 10,124

Anita Jackson New Democratic Party - 3,787

John A. McDonald Green Party of Canada - 534

Gary Merasty Liberal Party of Canada -10,191

The returning officer for Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River, Anne Hryniuk, will complete the writ of election and forward it to the Chief Electoral Officer, who will sign the writ and publish the name of the elected candidate in the Canada Gazette.

Elections Canada is an independent body set up by Parliament.

Elections Canada Media Relations
1 877 877-9515
or at www.elections.ca

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