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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What's in a title? 
(en francais)

I guess the Liberals are still dealing with the shock of no longer being the government. With the release of their Shadow Cabinet, it makes me think of George Bush's 'No child left behind' progam.

Not counting Opposition Leader Bill Graham the shadow cabinet consists of 85 Critics, Associate Critics, Whips and the like. A note at the bottom states that all the critic positions haven't been finalized as yet. I'm assuming the 8 Critics without associates will be filled. That gives us 94 out of 102 Liberal MPs with some sort of title. What about the other 8 Liberal MPs? It's just not fair that they're left out in the cold.

Suggestions for titles for these poor souls will be gratefully accepted in the comments section. Once we have a collection of titles, we'll have to wait for the final shadow list in order to assign the appropriate title to each forgotten MP.

Here's my first few suggestions:
1. Official Greeter for Stornoway (preferably a more 'senior' MP)
2. Special Assistant to Ex-Prime Minister Paul Martin
3. Special Liason to the RCMP responsible for Criminal Investigations

... add your own!

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