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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An environmental group with the right idea 
(en francais)

I like this group's approach. Ditch the rhetoric and bombast and try a unique approach. Those that are willing to change and adapt to change will most always come out ahead.
Environmentalists mute criticism, offer Harper advice on how to save money

OTTAWA (CP) - Environmentalists are doing their best to get on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's good side; instead of appealing to his concern for nature or future generations, they are offering to save him money.

The Green Budget Coalition of 20 leading environment groups made cost-cutting the theme Wednesday as they delivered their annual pre-budget recommendations.

The activists avoided any plea for the Kyoto Protocol, even though many Kyoto-related programs are thought to be on the chopping block in the coming budget.

Nor did they complain about the list of five top priorities which Harper has set out for his government, although the environment is conspicuously absent from that list.

Instead they dug deep to find a 2004 speech in which Harper promised to review "corporate welfare" and urged him to start by cutting subsidies for the petroleum, mining and nuclear industries.

"The federal government's intention to cut wasteful spending can, in fact, play an important role in creating healthier lives for current and future generations of Canadians," said coalition chair Julie Gelfand.

The coalition says cutting subsidies to the petroleum sector would save Ottawa $1.4 billion annually, ending support for nuclear power would save $150 million annually, and the mining sector would yield $80 million annually.
I don't have all the facts on this issue, but they certainly make a good case. Subsidies for the oil sands? With the price of oil where it is now, it's time for them to stand on their own two feet.

By taking the approach they have, the Green Budget Coalition at least is encouraging others to join in the debate from different perpsectives. I'm certainly in favour of less corporate welfare but on the other hand the tax structure for corporations must be adjusted at the same time in order for companies to remain competitive.

Congratulations to the Green Budget Coalition for their approach. At the very least you have my attention and interest, for what it's worth.

Paul Synnott at 8:08 p.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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