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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Windsor Liberty Seminar Press 
(en francais)

Windsor Liberty Seminar

Well, the press is about what I expected. I guess somebody forgot to tell me that this was a right wing event. Funny that they identified Matt as a previous Tory candidate instead of a local Libertarian.
Seminar appeals to right(subscriber only)
Dale Molnar, Windsor Star
Published: Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Matt Bufton, a Tory candidate in the last provincial election, organized the Windsor Liberty Seminar, which brought together mostly right-leaning academics for a day-long session Saturday.

"The government should do a few things and do them well," said Bufton.

"A basic level of social assistance, defence, justice system ... basic infrastructure ... but when government over-steps its bounds, getting into stuff like the LCBO and Crown corporations ... it gets much less efficient."

Steven Horwitz, an American professor of economics at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., presented statistics showing increased consumer spending amongst the poor in the U.S. over the past two decades.

He said it indicates the idea that the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer is a myth.

He says the poor are getting richer at a greater rate than the rich.

"I've never seen Canadian data on that but I've got no reason to believe it's significantly different," said Horwitz.

WE Speak at 4:50 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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