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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bull shit times three 
(en francais)

From a man who struggles to speak English, and who was part of a government who saw the increase of greenhouse gas reach over 35 % instead of a decreae, we present:
Dion's career as ardent federalist overshadows fight for the environment
MONTREAL (CP) - With a dog named Kyoto, Stephane Dion may have an easy time portraying himself as the most environmentally friendly candidate to Liberal delegates when they elect their new leader.

But it's his long history as a vocal - some Quebec separatists might say obnoxious - defender of federalism that has earned the 50-year-old politician his biggest claim to fame.

Louis Massicotte, a University of Montreal professor and a former colleague of Dion, says the would-be prime minister's willingness to tackle sovereigntists head-on has meant he has never been popular in his home province.

"He has a direct style," said Massicotte, who taught with Dion for several years. "If you're wrong, he'll tell you. And not always gently."

Dion's announcement Friday that he wants to become Liberal leader in December came with a renewed commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

"Underlying our Liberal philosophy is a conciliation of two great human ideals: individual freedom and equal opportunity," Dion told supporters. "I propose we add another: a healthy environment."

Dion drew praise for his role at a recent United Nations conference for reaching an agreement among 157 countries to maintain commitments to cut greenhouse emissions beyond 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol expires.

Pig in a poke.

I respect his conviction but I reject his big government approach and path. Canada can, and will be greener under a Conservative government. After 13 years of Liberal rhetoric on the environment, it's time for a change!

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