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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Last word from me on the Flag debate 
(en francais)

No half-mast for every death - Good decision

Media ban of arriving coffins - about as stupid a decision as they get.

This may fade away over the next several days, but it will be resurrected every time there is a returning flight of fallen soldiers. Let a pool camera in for joint coverage and put the issue to bed. If individual familys request privacy, then give it to them.

I'll let Lorrie Goldstein have the last word. He sums up the whole deal perfectly.
A matter of respect

Lorrie Goldstein

Wed, April 26, 2006

The "flag flap" over how to honour our soldiers killed in Afghanistan says so much about our country, none of it good.

As military historian Jack Granatstein wrote in Who Killed the Canadian Military?: "There is, unfortunately, a soft-headedness about Canadians and their politicians. An unwillingness to focus on the essentials."

And that's all this flag flap is. A non-essential, with the chorus of "support" for our soldiers being led by hypocritical Liberal and New Democrat MPs -- all of whom should be ashamed of their parties' records when it comes to our military.

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