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...rambling rants, thoughts and musings on mostly political topics - from your late night blogger.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Welcome new BT Bloggers 
(en francais)

Here's a few new BT bloggers that I've noticed over the last few days. If I've missed any, add yourself to the comments:

Ironic Paradox And so it continues...ramblings, musings, thoughts, quotes, facts, theories, conjectures...etc.

Christian Conservative I'm a sinner, redeemed by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for me. Born in England, lived mostly in Ontario, spent time in New Hampshire and New Brunswick.

Jack's Newswatch Information that catches my eye.

Rav Mlait Blog
This is a site for those interested in reinvigorating the Canadian National Identity. Here you will find some of the best articles on the web shedding light on how Liberalism has systematically deteriorated Canadian sovereignty, security, foreign policy, values and national identity.

Uncommon Truths As a kid, I always believed that things were the way the Canadian media said they were. I never doubted what I was being told for a second. This Blog is my rejection of the world view of those who are doing irreparable damage to this country. These are the Uncommon Truths they aren't telling you.

Upper Canada Catholic
Canadian politics, conservatism, religion & other things that mix poorly.

Arabian dissent Random rants from a 23 year old Arab-Canadian on, American, Canadian and Middle Eastern Politics. Here come the shockers: I'm a big supporter of George W. Bush and his anti-terrorism efforts. A strong believer in small-government and Reaganomics (while residing in the most left-wing location in North America, Quebec), and a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada. Started this blog hoping to refute lefty myths on Economics, Conservatism, Terrorism, the Middle East and the US.

Danielle Smith's Blog

Winds of Conservative Change
"Insert Pithy Quotation about Conservatives being better than Liberals here"

Yet another blog in which an ignorant Canadian conservative can give his scary views. Though I do relish in how the intellegenisia in the mainstream are tragically losing their media monopoly to ignoramuses like myself.

Angry Roughneck fighting for a free Canada

Blog on everyone, and once again - Welcome to the Blogging Tories! (C'mon in, the tent flap is always open - wipe your feet - we just swept up.)

WE Speak at 5:10 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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