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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just do the work 
(en francais)

"a defeated, high-profile Conservative candidate"

One Conservative Party official in Toronto, who asked not to be named, told The Globe and Mail that Mr. Harper "is done, it's over and we all know it."

Some days you just want to find a big stick, a woodshed and take a few people for a walk.

Maybe if either one of these "insiders" would stop flapping their gums to the press long enough, and instead went out and:

1. Raised money
2. Help canvass for a candidate
3. ID voters
4. Plan events
5. .....

In other words - do something. How many candidates are out there doing these things right now? How many are waiting for Stephen Harper to come visit?

That's why I'm glad I'm working for Rick Fuschi. Since the beginning of June Rick has:

1. walked over 50 polls in the riding, (actually he was canvassing today from 3pm to 8pm)
2. had two fundraisers,
3. hosted a BBQ for the Deputy Leader Peter McKay
4. appeared on numerous local talk shows
5. visited the local fairs
6. regular blog posting
7. sold over 100 memberships
8. mades hundreds of calls to thank supporters
9. made over 15,000 phone calls to ID supporters
10. put together a comprehensive plan for the September to December period.

Maybe if a few more people were active, they wouldn't have time to sit around and bitch to the press.

BTW, other than having MPs as guests at the fundraisers, all this was accomplished WITHOUT any support from the national party.

Just do it.

One person one vote at a time.

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