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Friday, September 23, 2005

Letter to the Editor from Susan McArthur 
(en francais)

Good job Susan.

Harper is the man to lead the Conservative team
National Post
September 23, 2005
Re: Conservative Critics Nipping At Harper, Sept. 22.

What a shock that Carol Jamieson captured mainstream media attention. While it is true that she has been involved in party politics for a long time, she does not speaks for Conservative party riding presidents, candidates or activists in the Toronto area. It is astonishing that with only a handful of signatories, her petition is considered as newsworthy.

The real Conservative news in the Toronto-area is that our candidates are working hard to address the issues voters care about. These include:

- Smog and infrastructure, with tax credits proposed for TTC users;

- Crime, with a Conservative task force proposing solutions to end violent crime;

- High gas and home heating fuel taxes. To hear views on this issue, Conservative candidates in 20 ridings met motorists at the pumps recently;

- Immigration. The party held a series of roundtables with frustrated new Canadians, in particular those who felt they had been hoodwinked by the Liberal "family reunification" program.

Politics is the ultimate team sport. The overwhelming majority of Tories in the Toronto area are working hard for the Conservative team to give Canadians the government they need and want -- a Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

Susan McArthur, member of the national council for the Conservative Party of Canada, Toronto.

WE Speak at 5:57 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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