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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fox and the Hen House 
(en francais)

Government Acts to Recover More Sponsorship Funds
For immediate release

OTTAWA, September 30, 2005 -- The Government of Canada announced today that it is seeking to recover an additional $7.8 million in its civil suit launched against defendants involved in the now cancelled sponsorship program.

This extra amount includes $4.3 million against Groupaction Marketing and Jean Brault, $1.9 million against Jean Lafleur, and smaller sums from other defendants previously named in the case.

"This amended claim is a direct result of the federal government's determination to recover misused sponsorship funds," said Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government Services. "The Government of Canada will continue taking all necessary steps to safeguard Canadians' hard-earned tax dollars."
Here's a question for Minister Brison. If you're so determined to recover "misused sponsorship funds", how about arranging for a true forensic audit of the Liberal Party of Canada books? I'm sure you'll find a couple more million there. That's not even considering the amount of unaccounted for work that was done for the Liberal party by firms and billed to the government.

"The Government of Canada will continue taking all necessary steps to safeguard Canadians' hard-earned tax dollars"
I'll give you a simple tip for safeguarding our money - RESIGN!

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