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Monday, November 14, 2005

Blogging Tories Site of the Week 
(en francais)

Seems like the BT wasn't picking up my feed for some reason yesterday, so I'll try this one again. I don't want to deprive Blogette of her extra 50 hits. :)

AN APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION BUT I SCRAPE THE PLATE (send your tips, gripes and gossip to: blogette@gmail.com)

A Conservative blogger with, how shall we say it? A certain 'panache'!

Drop in and say hello. Blogette will help remind you it's not necessarily all politics, all the time.

A Special Note

For those who haven't heard as yet, Andrew at Bound By Gravity is hanging up his spurs for now on the blogging side. He still intends to keep Canconv and the Unofficial Canadian Political Contributions Search Tool up and running. If you haven't already, stop in his blog and leave your farewells.

As many have already stated, hopefully this is just a brief respite and not a permanent departure. Andrew has always added great value to the BT roll and was a welcoming blog to many a newcomer, myself included.

Andrew - you're always welcome to post here should you ever feel the need to chime in now and again. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to some kick ass new Political Blogging tools now that you have all this spare time on your hands!

Best Wishes.

Blog On!

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