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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Call me cynical, but... 
(en francais)

The timing is all coincidental, of course.

Quebec negotiates an extra $500M in transfers

Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Quebec will get upward of $500 million more in federal transfer payments next year, Transport Minister Jean Lapierre said Friday.

Lapierre, the Liberals' Quebec lieutenant, said the increase results from a deal reached earlier in the day between Prime Minister Paul Martin and Quebec Premier Jean Charest. He made the announcement in a speech to the opening session of a weekend meeting of the party's Quebec wing, which has been battered in voter support in the wake of the sponsorship scandal.

Calling Justice John Gomery's initial report into the scandal "a frank and transparent examination," Lapierre told delegates there is no shame in being a Liberal in Quebec and predicted a party majority in the next election.

Charest has long complained about a so-called fiscal imbalance between what Quebec taxpayers contribute to the federal treasury and what is returned in transfers for social and other programs.

Lapierre said other have-not provinces could anticipate similar terms to the deal negotiated with Quebec.

He said the additional money comes from averaging out the sums received by the province over the past three years, using an old formula which is set to be revamped by a committee struck by Finance Minister Ralph Goodale earlier this year.

The committee was set to recommend a new formula for setting transfer payments but Lapierre says it has asked for delay in its implementation.

"It's an old formula but it's one that gives positive results for Quebec," Lapierre told reporters following his speech.
Of course it's an old formula.

When the Liberals are in danger of being wiped out they open the Federal piggy bank and share the wealth. Notice the other little tidbit - "other have-not provinces could anticipate similar terms to the deal negotiated with Quebec."

Translation - Vote Liberal and we'll spread some more money your way. If those nasty opposition members bring down the government, you'll get nothing. (Especially from that 'Scary Conservative', Stephen Harper).

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