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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

One time NOT to save money 
(en francais)

I'm all for saving money, especially when it's tax dollars, but there are times when it's worth it to not be quite so spendthrift. This is certainly one of those times.
B.C. Hells Angels handed four-year sentences

Canadian Press

VANCOUVER — Two full-patch members of the Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels were handed four-year prison sentences Monday for 11 counts of trafficking cocaine.

Norman Krogstad, 58, and 56-year-old Cedric Smith pleaded guilty to the charges soon after they were arrested in January as part of an RCMP investigation that targeted 10 members and associates of the Hells Angels and its puppet club, the Prince George Renegades.

Krogstad and Smith were brought to justice with the help of a police agent who had spent six years as a member of the Renegades before infiltrating the Hells Angels.

The agent is in a witness protection program.
With time served awaiting trial, mandatory release and lord knows what other programs, these guys will probably be out in a year, year and a half, tops.

Anyone think these gentleman will be rehabilitated when they leave jail?

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