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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Carnival of Comedy - Canadian Liberal Edition 
(en francais)

1. After trying out his own version of the "Clarity Act", Liberal Cabinet Minister Pierre Pettigrew apologizes for calling PQ leaders "losers".

2. Having failed in his attempt to smear Stephen Harper and the NCC last week, Scott Brison takes another kick at the can , and extracts his pound of flesh at the same time.

3. Not to be outdone, the other Scott, Scott Reid now has the opportunity to make the round of weekend talk shows to explain Paul Martin's firing of Jean Pelletier.

This, from March of 2004 - "after due consideration and with cause." "The government stands by that decision and is prepared to be judged on that basis," Scott Reid said in an interview. (CP, London Free Press, March 7, 2004)

Seems the Federal Judge had a rather different view of the situation.

(O/T, but didn't the Province of Ontario recently pass legislation banning Pitt Bulls and mandating that those currently owned be neutered and microchipped? )

4. The Federal Liberals are having a contest to see who can come up with the best excuse on why not to have an election yet. Winner receives an all expenses paid vacation to the highly sought after Liberal retirement home. I hear Francis Fox and Art Eggleton have a real hummer of a Christmas party planned.

5. Liberal MP's are barred from entering the contest above for two years, that is, unless they get an exemption from Ethics Commissioner Bernard Shapiro. I hear they're really popular with ex-Liberal Cabinet ministers.

6. Speaking of Mr. Shapiro, I think it's time to end the comedy show posing as an Ethics office. (subscription only) My recommendation. Hire this guy or this one. Pay them whatever it takes. Canada would be better off for it.

7. Immigration Minister Joe Volpe finally emerged from the pizza parlour long enough to table some legislation in the house. Funny thing is (hence it's inclusion here), notwithstanding the current state of affairs in the House of Commons, Joe must be a pretty optimistic guy. Given PM Paul Martin's committment to calling an election 30 days after Justice Gomery's second report, this legislation would need to ride a rocket to make it through the house before then. I wonder if it might be related to this in any way?

At the very least, I figure it's a good candidate for #4. No stealing - you heard it here first.

8. Minister responsible for Democratic Renewal Belinda Stronach receives report,
Developing New Approaches to Funding Results. No, it's not the new Liberal Party of Canada fundraising plan, although the title certainly fits. I guess Democratic Renewal is on hold until the Minister finishes that cross country consultation. I forget, when is that supposed to start?

9. Bata is now leading the charge in showcasing Canadian Diversity on the internet. I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one.

10. PM Paul Martin finally tracked down President Bush. I bet George will never forget this meeting. He looked pretty impressed to me. (scroll down - secret contest!)

(A big H/T to The North American Patriot for the inspiration and the pic!)

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