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Friday, November 18, 2005

Fund the Child 
(en francais)

KIDS FIRST is part of the growing national FUND THE CHILD Coalition asking our governments to fund the child directly by funding families rather than attempting to construct an unwanted, discriminatory, grossly inefficient, and harmful system of state-controlled "spaces" for children.

FUND THE CHILD EVENTS will be held Canada-wide Nov 19, followed by a RALLY and PRESS CONFERENCE in OTTAWA NOV 21.

We will be announcing our formal complaint to the UN regarding our government's continued discrimination against children, parents/mothers and families as a follow up to the 1997 complaint brought by Bev Smith, former Kids First President. This is in collaboration with Swedish parents group, Children's Right To Parents' Time.

Check below for events scheduled as of Oct 31. Consider hosting an event in your area: no gathering is too small. We supply support and info materials.

For further information contact national coordinators:


Kate Tennier



Phone: 416-233-7410

Locations confirmed for November 19th Day of Protest
(this list was last updated on November 16)

Burnaby, B.C.
11:00 am
250 Willingdon Ave one block north of Hastings on Albert St/South side of Building - outside
contact: James and Lisa 604-298-1509

Duncan, BC
10:30 am (to be confirmed)
City Hall
contact: Jennifer ginger@telus.net

Vancouver, B.C.
1:00 pm
210 W Broadway on sidewalk outside daycare lobby offices
contact: Helen Ward info@kidsfirstcanada.org

Calgary, Alta.
12:00 noon
Bowness Community Centre, 7904- 43 Avenue NW
contact: Bev Smith bevgsmith@hotmail.com

Edmonton, Alta.
11:00 am
Strathcona County Health Centre, 2 Brower Drive, Sherwood Park
contact: Michelle Olson homebychoice@shaw.ca

Strathmore, Alta.
contact: Jackie Dalstra jackie_dalstra@yahoo.com

Regina, Sask.
5:00 pm, FRIDAY NOV 18
1335 Chatwin Cres
contact: Nicole LaRose jnlarose@accesscomm.ca

Hamilton, Ont.
11:00 am
Hamilton City Hall
Second Floor Vestibule, 71 Main Street
contact: Mark-Alan Whittle markalanwhittle@mountaincable.net

Toronto, Ont.
11:00 am
Queen's Park
A special guest from Sweden will speak on the Swedish PARENTS’ REVOLT against daycare discrimination
contact: Kate Tennier ktennier@rogers.com

Thunder Bay, Ont.
12:30 pm
James Street Park on James Street
contact: Keri Maki makifamily@shaw.ca

Stratford, Ont.
11:00 am
City Hall, front steps
contact: Joanne jekistruck@rogers.com

Montreal, Que.
1:30 pm
Centre de la Nature de Laval
901, avenue du Parc, Laval
contact: Yvonne Coupal, Les citoyen(ne)s en faveur de l'équité fiscale des subventions pour soins de garde pour tous les enfants (Citizens in Favour of Equal Government Childcare Subsidies for All Children)
childcareequity@hotmail.com equitesoinsdegarde@hotmail.com

Charlottetown, PEI
10:30 am
Province House downtown, or next door at the Confederation Centre if raining
contact: Sandy Nicholson doula@isn.net

Moncton, New Brunswick
contact: Melanie Titus mmtitus@nb.sympatic.ca

Truro, Nova Scotia
9:30 am
T.A.A.C. playground on Prince St.
contact: Jennifer Auld-Cameron 902-893-1688

Halifax, Nova Scotia
1:00 pm
Banook Lake playground (adjacent to Sullivan's Pond) in Dartmouth
contact: Noreen Millar 902-864-4720

**Ottawa will be participating in a RALLY on parliament hill on Monday November 21 at 10:00, before our press conference at 11:00, and will not be rallying on the 19th.
contact: Sara Landriault sara@landriault.com

TBA: Winnipeg, Manitoba; Newfoundland; Miramichi, New Brunswick

WE Speak at 9:45 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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