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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kudos to Stephen Harper 
(en francais)

Good job by Stephen Harper on Paul Martin's "defence" of Canada.
21 November 2005

OTTAWA – Conservative leader and Leader of the Opposition Stephen Harper issued the following statement today:

“It is odd to see that Paul Martin would rather fight against André Boisclair instead of trying to work with Premier Charest and his government. André Boisclair has not even been elected to the National Assembly. Paul Martin is in no position to talk about national unity. How can he try and lecture on the rule of law when his own party has broken every single rule in the book and has been found responsible for all the wrongdoings in the Sponsorship Scandal by Judge Gomery? The Liberals are completely discredited in Québec. Quebecers are tired of this bickering – they want an alternative to corruption and separation. ”


For more information please call Carolyn Stewart-Olsen at (613) 297-9479
The sad thing is, the Liberal Party of Canada and the Bloq Quebecois are like two parasites feeding off the corpse of seperation. They both require it to scare voters into their respective camps. The best way to cut the legs off seperation issues is remove the underlying causes, the biggest of which is the continual interference of the federal government in provincial affairs.
14. Federalism
A Conservative Government will restore the constitutional balance between the federal and provincial and territorial governments.

The Conservative Party is committed to the federal principle and to the notion of strong provinces within Canada. A Conservative Government will work co-operatively with the provinces to improve the lives of Canadians while respecting the division of power and responsibilities outlined in the Constitution.

A Conservative Government will ensure that the use of the federal spending power in provincial jurisdictions is limited, authorizing the provinces to use the opting out formula with full compensation if they want to opt out of a new or modified federal program, in areas of shared or exclusive jurisdiction.
Do we not have enough federal issues to keep Parliament busy for the next 5 years? The Liberal Party of Canada through their ham-handed efforts in Quebec, has done more for the cause of seperation than anything the PQ or BQ ever did.

That's just my 2 1/2 cents. (GST included)

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