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Saturday, May 27, 2006

One Kopi Luwak to go please 
(en francais)

If the strategy is Dalton McGuinty as the 'Tim Hortons' kind of guy, I hope someone's ready to get sued by Tims for ruining their brand.

I suppose people who live in million dollar homes drink Tim Hortons too.

On the other hand, I have a hard time believing that they're serving Tim Hortons at $10,000 a head fundraisers or $5,000 per person golf rounds.

$10,000 would cover my food budget for a year and at $5000 dollars, 5 Extra Large 3 creams a day, I would still have $2080.oo dollars to buy coffees for all my friends - year round.

Dalton McGuinty is as much 'Main Street' as I am 'Bay Street'.

You really shouldn't pretend to be something you're not - it'll come back to haunt you.

For some reason, I've always imagined Dalton drinking Kopi Luwak coffee. It certainly seems to fit his political image better than Tim Hortons. At one stage or another.

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