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Friday, May 26, 2006

Seeking Evil American Political Advice 
(en francais)

Because we all know just how corrupting and cynical American political advice is. In case you forget, here's Jack Layton's view.
Jack Layton:
"I think if Mr. Harper was listening to Canadians instead of American right-wing pollsters, he would be taking very different positions on issues," said New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton. He added that Canadians should be concerned about Harper meeting with Republican pollster Frank Luntz last Friday.

"I think most Canadians will be concerned to know that the Republican pollsters who have helped generate the agenda for the Bush administration in the U.S. would be offering advice here."
I guess Jack and the provincial cousins haven't been talking too much lately.
Top NDP officials travel south

Four senior provincial New Democrat operatives are heading south of the border for political advice.

The leader's press secretary Scott Perchall, party provincial secretary Laura Nichols, organization director Nikki Hill and communications officer David Bieber will be attending a training seminar in Washington, D.C. hosted by Campaigns & Elections - the magazine for American political consultants. The annual event - which is being held at the Washington Marriott and costs $475 to register, includes sessions with titles such as "Just Don't Do It: Actions to avoid in a campaign," "Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer: How to talk to reporters" and "Diggin' for Dirt! How to find and use opposition research."

In an interview, caucus communications director Jim Rutowski said Perchall was "paying his own way" to the event, receiving no funding from caucus. Bieber, Hills and Nichols will be attending the conference on the party's dime.
Confirmed speakers at the conference feature some of Jack Layton's worst nightmares:
John Zogby, Zogby International - an American pollster

Joe Trippi, Trippi & Associates - Democratic Party operative, former Dean campaign manager

Michael DuHaime, RNC, Political Director - a Republican no less.
And just in case any Liberals are feeling smug, we wouldn't want to forget the Joe Trippi seminar for Liberal Leadership candidates in Toronto recently.

For the curious, here's the complete Washington seminar schedule:
The Art of Political Campaigning

Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer
How to talk to reporters

Give and Take and Take and Take
The Fundraising plan step by step

Handling Bloggers and Using Them to Help Your Campaign

Ready, Aim, FIRE!
Going negative: when, why and how

Diggin’ for Dirt!
How to find and use opposition research

Who Says You Can’t Be Yourself?
Using polls for message development and effective voter targeting
Of course, we know the NDP operatives will all be very attentive students.

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