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Monday, January 09, 2006

10 Power 10 Ideas 
(en francais)

A poster in Alberta has the right idea:
And here, I didn't think that I could help.....from the Alberta colony. You got it ....10 media, 10 emails and a talk show or two.[daily...I promise] (And if I were in Edmonton 100 BLUE signs in "Landslide Annie's riding". By the way I hear that the red ones are slowly being pulled ! Yippee
10 Power 10 Ideas

1. Send 10 Conservative.ca Ecards to 10 friends, family or co-workers (five great Ecards to choose from

2. Visit your local candidates office and get 10 pieces of literature, distribute to 10 undecided voters.

3. Post a 'Power of 10' logo on your blog or website in a prominent place - email once 10 unique people have clicked on the link.

4. Visit your local office and volunteer to put up 10 Lawn signs.

5. Email 10 friends, family members or coworkers a link to the "Paul Martin vs Paul Martin" debate game, or download a copy and email the flash file. (Warning - game is highly informative!)

6. Email 10 friends, family membes or coworkers a link to the new Liberal-themed website - BrokenPromise.ca

7. Donate $10.00 to your local candidate and find 10 others to do the same. Every little bit helps!

8. Volunteer 10 hours for your local candidate between now and election day.

9. Write 10 Letters to the Editor of your local newspaper, call your local call-in show 10 times or any combination of both.

10. Vote now and then find 10 others to vote by Special Ballot, Advance Poll or on Election day.

Paul Synnott at 5:27 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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