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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Power of Ten 
(en francais)

It's really simple folks.

Conservatives like to brag about the breadth and depth of grassroots support. Now is the time to put that grassroots to work. At approximately 200,000 members, the CPC can generate 2 million votes if every member commits to getting 10 other people to vote.

As of today, there are 21 days left until the polls open.

Why wait. Start working on your list of 10 today. You can vote ANY DAY at your local Elections Canada Office, take advantage of the Advance Polls or help people exercise their right on Election Day.
10 POWER 10

1. Contact your local CPC candidates office and ask for a list of 10 people who need a ride to the polls. One a day keeps the Liberals away.

2. Host an Advance Poll Coffee - invite 10 friends for coffee on an advance poll day. 10 minutes for coffee, 10 minutes to the poll, 10 minutes to vote, 10 minutes back home, 10 minutes for another coffee and a lifetime of satisfaction knowing that your "Power of Ten" group has made their voice heard.

3. Host a debate party - price of admission - a blank Special Ballot form to give to another friend or family member. These can easily be picked up at your Elections Canada office, after you have voted of course.

4. Host a P.O.T. Luck Supper. 10 friends, 10 dishes, 10 votes. Enjoy some Liberal Surprise or Goodale Soup. Work off all that good eating with a visit to the polls and a stop at Tim Hortons. What could be more fun?

5. Burma Shave - 10 people + 10 CPC signs = a honking good time. 4pm to 6pm should suffice, followed by a convoy to vote.

6. Volunteer as a door knocker on Election Day. Print out the "Power of Ten" button and wear it. (the logo just happens to fit in one of these - go figure!) Ask each person to help you meet your "Power of Ten" goal.

7. Email this post to 10 other people

8. Post a link to this post on 10 other blogs or forums, or duplicate this post on your own blog and convince 10 others to do the same on their own blog or forum.

9. Print this post out and give it to 10 other people.

10. Create your own stickers using the "Power of Ten" logo. Pass 'em out and wear 'em with pride!
Look at it this way, when the Liberals go negative, as most expect them to do, we can take our own P.O.T. Shots back. What better way to respond?

Once you've completed your "Power of Ten", post a comment or email me and I'll add your name in the comments section, if you wish.

Join the POWER of TEN today!

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