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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boom and echo 
(en francais)

With all the debate about blogs and their effect, or non-effect on the recent election, this piece by the Infozone on blogs is a good read.

The boom, and the echo!
January 24, 2006 IZ Commentary by James Murray

Something I have learned about the blogsphere and the Internet in general is there is a boom and an echo.

When an issue is posted on a blog, or a web site, people read the story.

This is what I call the boom.

If the story is interesting, people on the Internet start talking about it. They email copies to their friends, they post links on discussion forums, and they debate the article.

Then as more people talk about the article, link to it from other pages, it starts to build an echo. It ends up linked all over the Internet. I have back-tracked links from The Infozone to find recipes being discussed in South Africa, comments debated in Australia, and Britain.

This is what I call the echo.

I'm adding the InfoZone onto my links sidebar. Certainly looks worthwhile for a daily visit.

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