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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Buzz Hargrove knows best... 
(en francais)

I almost missed this one yesterday. H/T to ALW for the link.

Buzz's latest pronouncement - Canadians are too stupid to figure it out for themselves and must rely on his superior deduction skills.
Think Twice campaign leery of Harper win(registration required)

When asked if it was possible for Canadians to study the party platforms and make an educated choice to vote Conservative, Mr. Hargrove said it was not.

"Stephen Harper has sleepwalked people through this election, hiding exactly what he believes and what he's going to do," said Mr. Hargrove, who has previously endorsed Mr. Martin.

He dismissed the idea the Think Twice panel's interests would be better served by vocally endorsing the NDP, rather than encouraging the public to vote "to stop" another party.
"It's not about who deserves to be elected," he said.
Personally, I think this is worse than the Liberal's military attack ads. 'Buzz knows best and the rest of us better vote Liberal if we know what's good for us.' Insulting on so many levels, Hargrove's pronouncements cheapen the individual person's vote and encourage the 'collective mind' approach.

I encourage Union members everywhere to print out this post, the National Post article or both. Distribute Buzz's words to those who are not enlightened enough to make up their own mind.

They just might have something to say about that.

Paul Synnott at 11:44 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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