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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Complaint filed against Blogging Tories 
(en francais)

Well, at least we know what Carole Jamieson has been up to lately. This is so laughable it should be nominated for an award at Canada's Comedy Festival.

One of these days, the MSM might even be able to sort out the difference between a website, a blog and an AGGREGATOR.

Edit: BC - what an interesting place for this load of crap to come from. For some strange reason I have visions of moonbats dancing in my head. Wonder why.

I won't even get into all the various reasons why this is ridiculous, I'm sure others will lead the way.

Edit 2: OK, I lied. I couldn't resist doing a bit of quick research. Thirty seconds on Google and this little mystery was solved. I guess Allan Woods doesn't use Google very much. This just went from laughable to truly bizzare.

Edit 3: Took a little while to find the article I was looking for: Elections Canada sees no problem with blogging during the election by Romeo St. Martin.
[PoliticsWatch Updated 4:15 p.m. December 2, 2005]

Read the article above and it's not to hard to figure out what is being attempted by trying to link the BT with the CPC.

Probe of blog urged(Subscription required)- Windsor Star
Tory blogsite violates election law,critics claim - (Subscription required) - Ottawa Citizen
Allan Woods, CanWest News Service
Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2006

QUEBEC - Elections Canada has been asked to investigate the Conservatives after allegations the party is overseeing a group that operates partisan online web logs.

Canada's election watchdog received a complaint Tuesday morning from a disaffected party member who claims the Tories tried to sway political opinion in cyberspace in the leadup to, and during, the election by setting up the popular "Blogging Tories" website.

The site appears to be a coalition of like-minded individuals who have met in cyberspace to share their political opinions and express their frustrations with Paul Martin's Liberals.

But a Victoria man, Eugene Parks, and Toronto Tory dissident Carole Jamieson allege the venture may violate the Elections Act and third-party financing laws.

"They're using a third-party agency to get elected," said Parks, a former Conservative supporter who now says he is an opponent. "It's pure hypocrisy."

Parks said Tuesday he was approached by Conservative MP Diane Ablonczy in December 2005 and asked to head what he described as a pre-election initiative on behalf of the party.

A Conservative party campaign official said Tuesday that there is "no connection" between the federal party and the website and chalked the complaint up to a party member who is still upset about the merger of the Progressive Conservative party and the Canadian Alliance in 2003.
© The Windsor Star 2006

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