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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

David Miller spins 
(en francais)

...and loses. This article should do wonders for future credibility analysis of David Miller statements.
How all those crime guns got onto streets

Having invoked the fear factor that half the guns used to bathe Toronto in blood last year were stolen from law-abiding collectors and shooters, Prime Minister Paul Martin went to the polls Monday vowing to ban all handguns in Canada -- if constitutionally viable, that is, a caveat he later had to add when he misfired on the facts.

Toronto Mayor David Miller sang the same statistical tune, despite contrary evidence in a report tabled last month by his own police service -- a report obtained through access to information that shows, if not twisted, that no more than 16% of "crime guns" in Toronto were obtained through the robbery of legitimate owners.
Read the full article to get a real sense of the depth politicians will sink to in order to further their own agendas, and truth be damned.

Another disturbing thing found in this article.
"The Canadian government reports are incomplete, but partial figures show that the Canadian police or military have reported that they have lost or had stolen over 500 guns."
That would be over 500 weapons exempt from the firearms registry. A quiet little statistic, that one.

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