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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Harper's Windsor visit 
(en francais)

CTV Newsnet Clip

Harper reaches out to Quebec voters - CBC story

Edit: Well we're up to 400 in the news accounts - Leaders stay on message in final election pleas

Pic from David Akin's Election blog

Edit 2: Akin Live blogging Harper's last campaign day

Fantastic event this morning. CTV pegs it at 300, while tour and our own count had it over 450. Either way it was a great crowd for 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday.(in Windsor - you know, that labour town!) My friend was happy. He won a bet with Don Martin over the crowd size. Martin took 150 or less, my friend over 150. It wasn't even close. We had to get the shoehorn out.

The crowd was energized and Stephen stepped up. Stump speech, but just the fact that he was in Windsor for his final stop in Ontario was worth it. A little birdy tells us that Comartin's campaign is a lot more worried than he's letting on. We've even been honoured with a Comartin shadow at our events now. Moving up in the world.

A campaign couldn't ask for a better finish. Good local media coverage that will play all day today and tomorrow morning. I imagine we should get front page or inside front for the paper tomorrow. I always did like earned media - the price is right.

After the event about 30 people went to Windsor Airport for a tarmac sendoff. Quick stop of the campaign bus, a few last words from Stephen, sign a few posters and signs and they're off to Manitoba.

What a fantastic motivator for the whole team heading into tomorrow. It's a shot in the arm to launch us into the fight. (we picked up 20 more volunteers this morning)

Thanks to Stephen Harper and the tour for expressing confidence in our team and making Windsor your Ontario sendoff. It's just what the doctor ordered.

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