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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Deja vu? 
(en francais)

Rick Bell has a great article in today's Calgary Sun on the leadership rumblings in Alberta
Error apparent
Ambition, ex-cessive pride, a lack of balance, not knowing when it is time to wait and time to yield. All qualities killing those craving the crown.

In this real life story, the king is Ralph and he has said he will leave in 20 months. He made his intentions quite clear last fall when he spoke about people lining up to replace him.

"These guys can kick tires. They can kick tires until their toes are blue but I ain't goin' until 2007 unless the party tells me they don't want me or I'm dead. Alright? Period."
Is it just me or does this sound strangely like the Chretien/Martin debacle? The forces pushing for Ralph's ouster might want to go back and study a little recent history. Do they want to risk a repeat of the Liberal's internal war in their own party?

Here's a thought. Spend your time building an organization. Work constructively within the caucus or within the party. Consult, discuss and learn what is important to everyday Albertans. Twenty months may seem like a lifetime, but look at it as a gift instead. Use the time to develop some real policy alternatives instead of the usual bullshit served up during leadership races. You have an opportunity to build something solid. Use it.

Just a thought.

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