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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Since lawsuits are all the rage lately.. 
(en francais)

I thought I'd wade in and launch one myself.

First things first, some research. After looking at several examples of suits and threats, I think I've got a firm grip on things.

When I found this blog yesterday, I must admit, I was shocked and then outraged. The damage to my reputation was possibly enormous. Once I calmed down, it hit me. Visions of three figure judgments danced in my head as I leafed through the phonebook seeking a suitable attorney.

A simple comment from my friend brought me crashing back to reality - "What if it's true?" he said.

"What!" I replied.

" I heard your mother call you an idiot just the other day" he said with a smirk. "What is it they say, the truth is the best defence?"

Damn. Foiled by my own mother. What's a guy to do.

Oh well, let sleeping dogs lie.

Down Spot.

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