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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Miller never saw a dollar he didn't like (to spend) 
(en francais)

And McGuinty wants to give more taxing powers to Miller and the gang? Talk about fox in the hen house scenarios.

Windsor's Mayor and council may be lacking on several fronts but at least they instituted a Modified Zero Based Budget system two years ago. The plan is in it's second of a three year phase in and the results speak for themselves. The budget is balanced, the debt is being reduced and our bond rating is improving again. Now if we could only convince them to sell the golf courses, marina, convention centre and stop trying to develop buildings, we'd be laughing.
Mayor's vision bankrupt
Miller's plan is 'magnificently' lacking in reality--and cash


A little more 2 1/2 years ago -- when it seemed likely David Miller would be voted in as mayor -- I warned Toronto taxpayers to hang on tight to their pocketbooks.

Weeks before election night, I noted the tax-and-spend Bob Rae clone had no fiscal "plan B" other than relying on unrealistic pots of gold from the province and the feds. I predicted property taxes (and other fees) would go up under Miller.

We all remember how NDP premier Rae's fiscal policies drove the province deeply into debt. Now, as I watch Miller and his minions waiting for a money miracle to bail them out of a $532-million operating deficit mess of their own making, I pray that taxpayers catch on this time around.

I truly fear that if the mayor and his socialists are allowed to continue on the same track, this city will sink into record levels of debt, or near bankruptcy.

Coun. Case Ootes says there's no "setting of priorities" whatsoever. "This administration has never seen a program it didn't like ... it just implements everything that comes along regardless of the cost," he said.

It's not just an absence of fiscal vision, leadership or even interest in the budget proceedings from His Blondness -- the same mayor who expects the province to give him more powers, fiscal and otherwise, under the pending City of Toronto Act.

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