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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Time to Move on Pt II 
(en francais)

Time to move on Pt I

Last time I checked, the Reform Party, Alliance, United Alternative, Democratic Alliance, Social Credit, Progressive Conservatives and whatever other names you can remember, no longer exist.

Ted Byfield makes his case that Stephen Harper is ignoring Alberta and his Reform roots. I guess he forgets that Stephen Harper is the first Prime Minister elected from west of Ontario since 1979. The fact that he's an MP from Calgary and now holds the top job in Canada is just chump change to him. He has accomplished what neither Preston Manning nor Stockwell Day were able to do. He has united the right under one banner, reduced the Liberal's to a minority then defeated them in favour of his own minority. Along the way he has increased membership, rebuilt the organization and brought a sound fiscal foundation back to the party.

To level a charge that he's forgotten Alberta when the government is less than a month old is good for circulation I suppose. Not satisfied with that, he raises the spectre of Stephen Harper finding a way to transfer Alberta's wealth to the east. Toronto fears and resents Alberta and will find a way to pressure Stephen Harper. This one is almost as good as the National Enquirer's yearly psychic predictions. IF Stephen Harper actually brought forward a proposal to initiate something like this, by all means slice and dice him. Hauling out this old bogeyman is nothing short of fear-mongering to sell papers.

Brian Laghi's article
features the old standard quote "It is a lot of the old Tories," said one caucus member who asked not to be identified.

So the unidentified caucus member wants to act just like disaffected Liberals. Agree or disagree with Garth Turner, at least the man speaks his mind and doesn't hide behind journalistic anonymity.

You'll have to excuse me. Now that I've finished reading these articles I have to go change the paper in my bird cage and refill the outhouse supply.

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