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Monday, February 20, 2006

(en francais)

It's a shame that Ezra Levant has to explain the FORK article, but he does so in today's issue of the Calgary Sun. Anonymous sources are the lifeblood of political reporting. Most times they infuriate people. They often are provocative and blunt, hence the desire for anonymity. Party insider, Conservative source, top Liberal; we've heard them all.

I wonder just how many campaign managers and fishing buddies Ralph has?
Insult was unfair
Racist overtones of slur were beyond the pale


A man of the people runs a government for years, dispatching a series of opposition leaders. He coasts to re-election. The media like him because he's a colourful character -- a little guy who made good.

His would-be successor is fancy. He's corporate. He serves for a term as finance minister, taking credit for balancing the budget. He waits patiently for the chance to sit in the big chair as leader.

But years pass, and the boss gets comfortable in the job.

So the leader-in-waiting builds up his campaign organization, raising millions of dollars, especially from his corporate friends.

The old boss announces he's sticking around a little bit longer, and the successor feels betrayed. The boss in turn feels rushed, as if he's been shuffled out too soon.

The would-be boss's campaign lieutenants gripe. The harder the dauphin pushes, the more the boss digs in his heels. A civil war looms; the most successful party in the land starts to lose its discipline and unity. Leaks and accusations fly. So do personal insults.

Paul Martin vs. Jean Chretien in 2003? Or Jim Dinning vs. Ralph Klein in 2006?

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