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Friday, March 31, 2006

Another perspective 
(en francais)

From Veritas Communications weekly "Touchdowns and Fumbles" newsletter:
MP Suggests Jailing Reporters

From the “politicians say the darndest things” file … backbench British Columbia Conservative MP Colin Mayes sent a column to his riding newspapers, suggesting that reporters who write distorted articles in the course of covering the Harper government should be jailed, adding that it might help the public get “accurate and true information.” Sure, it’s both ludicrous and laughable, but it’s the kind of ill-considered (if considered at all) comment that shows the damage that can be done to an organization (in this case, the Harper government overall) by a spokesperson saying the wrong thing. He promptly issued a complete retraction – obviously the right move, but the damage had been done. Suddenly the PMO’s directive that all MP communications be vetted by the corner office doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all, does it?
Mr. Mayes could probably use some of Veritas' service right about now.
You've just made the biggest blunder of your life and now someone is sticking a microphone and a TV camera in your face. Or all your years of hard work have paid off and now your achievements are being recognized under bright TV lights. We can't stop your heart from beating faster, but we can teach you how to manage the media and do it on-message.

With our media coaching, led by a a veteran journalist and a former political Press Secretary you'll get the benefit of hands-on experience and demonstrated tools of the trade for handling media pressure. Our coaches give you unique training from both sides of the microphone.

Hindsight really is 20/20.

Get your own copy of "communications plays of the week" from Veritas. Touchdown and Fumbles is a good newsletter to signup for. Delivered Friday's it a nice concise look at some of the best and worst of the week. Better to learn from others mistakes rather than your own.
Touchdowns and Fumbles
Did you see the big story in the news this week? Can you believe someone ACTUALLY said that to a reporter? How would you have handled yourself in that situation?

Get Veritas' expert analysis of the communication plays of the week, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

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