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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thanks from a grateful nation 
(en francais)

If you've ever wondered just what previous Liberal governments thought of the military, this is a good example. The Kuwaitis acutally had to have a second batch of medals minted. The first batch went missing from the Embassy in Kuwait. The government of Kuwait actually discovered some of the first batch being offered for sale on the internet.

The Liberals refused to give permisson for the medals to be handed out. Under Canadian regulations, the medals can't be worn, but are meant as keepsakes. There was absolutely no reason to deny their distribution for so long. The Kuwati government simply wished to express their thanks to Canadians who participated in the liberation of their country.
Canadian soldiers awarded Kuwait medal
Mar. 30, 2006. 01:00 AM

OTTAWA—Canadian soldiers and veterans have been awarded the Liberation of Kuwait medal by the Kuwaiti government, 15 years after they helped liberate the country from Iraqi occupation in the first Gulf War.

About 30 Gulf War veterans, their families and two veterans' widows attended the ceremony held at the Kuwaiti embassy yesterday.

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