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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Choice for Childcare Day - March 17th 
(en francais)

Sara from Choice for Childcare has started a bloggers support day for Choice in Childcare. Head over to her blog and sign up to participate. If you're not sure what to post, simply mirror one of the other participants post and provide links to Sara's site and the other participants.

Don't have a blog? Visit the particpating sites and register your support in the comments. Email your family and friends to join in. If you have friends or family in the MSM, let them know. Trackback and link wherever possible.

Participants (so far)
Choice for Childcare
One More Middle Aged Guy
Brent Colbert
Political Staples
North American Patriot
Blue Blogging Soapbox
All Things Canadian

"St. Patricks day strike for Choice in Childcare.... bloggers only"
we need one full day of the bloggers to fully stand up for choice in childcare,,, if anyone is interested pop over and email me. Also leave me your blog site so I can link you on Friday...

If I get enough interest we can pick a day before the bill goes through and try to help. The news watches us all the time so why not strike for childcare?

I'm thinking Friday St. Patricks day... anyone in?

email me or comment on the blog to let me know... I do childcare daily so it is no different for me but if all the blogging tories did it then the media would see that people are standing up for canada and believing in their children..

The Liberal government has been funding millions into the daycare lobbiers, they have the money to get organized and press to follow. They are yelling across Canada, misleading the public in believing daycare will disapear. I say we do something about it. Lets show the Liberals why the Conservatives were voted in.
Let me know..

IF you blog about your opinion on choice for childcare and put choice for childcare in your blog, people will start to notice how many of us out there are for childcare in all its forms...

Please let other bloggers know about this idea, the faster we spread this the better turnout...

IF you not a blogger then please send a letter to the editor to your local newspaper on your thoughts in choice in childcare...or call your local talk radio station...


By the way on behalf of my family, THANK YOU! I appreciate this...

Don't you love comments like these?

Anonymous said...
Wow! Self important bloggers trying to make the news. Wanna bet you and your blogger friends don't make page 13? No one wants to hear your mutual masturbatory insights

posted by Sara at 5:15 PM on Mar 14 2006

Paul Synnott at 3:24 a.m.    | en francais | Go to Top|

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