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Friday, March 17, 2006

Former NDP supporter voices opinion 
(en francais)

One vote at a time. Keep up the good work Jack.
Federal NDP fails military families

As a very strong-minded individual, I voted for the NDP party in this past January election, as I disagree with much of the Conservative platform and could not bring myself to vote Liberal this time around.

However, regardless of my agreement with many of their platform issues, I am appalled at the NDP’s treatment of the issue of Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

As a military spouse, I am fully aware of the impact that negative publicity and opinion polls have on our troops overseas. Quite frankly, it is detrimental to their morale.

While it is the job of politicians such as Mr. Layton to debate such issues as overseas missions, timing is everything.

The issue of sending our troops into a combat role should have been discussed long ago. Debating after soldiers are already in theatre putting their lives on the line, for the democracy and freedom Canadians stand for is both illogical and disturbing, to myself and many military families.

The Canadian public needs to be behind the troops 100 per cent while they are in the midst of a dangerous overseas mission that they believe in.

As the public and the press begin to debate the issue, soldiers feel unappreciated by the Canadian public.

By stating that Canada has no role to play in the war against terror, and a responsibility to fight for freedom and democracy, the NDP is sending the message that the recent deaths of two of our troops were for nothing.

Re-opening the debate on the mission in Afghanistan is quite frankly a sign of disrespect to our troops and the families that they leave behind. As Canadians we need to remember the reality that freedom isn’t free and we must support our military.

The NDP has lost my faith and my vote!



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