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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Great Mother Government will save us all 
(en francais)

There's nothing the great NDP nanny state government can't or won't do in order to 'save' people from themselves. First up was banning trans fats from foods. Although the NDP's Pat Martin says he doesn't think sin taxes are the way to go, his comments are just as frightening.
Lard levy on the way?
"The junk food industry is poisoning a generation, and it calls for radical measures," he said. (emphasis added)" The seductive power of advertising that targets young people who don't make the right choices in their diet -- I'm not sure that this type of fat tax would change that or alleviate that problem."

Edmonton Sun columnist Mindelle Jacobs takes a similar dim view on ridiculous suggestions such as this.

No need for Ministry of Junk Food

In calling for a fat tax on junk food, CMA president Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai noted this week that taxes have curbed tobacco use.

It's unfair to compare junk food to tobacco, though. There's no safe cigarette but candy and chips aren't inherently deadly, as NDP MP Pat Martin seems to think.

"The junk-food industry is poisoning a generation and it calls for radical measures," he said Wednesday.

Uh-oh. If the NDP ever gets into power, I imagine they'll have confectioners rounded up and shot. How dare food manufacturers produce things Canadians like to eat?

What's next a government installed meter on your TV to prevent people from becoming couch potatoes? Wait for it. When the NDP starts talking "radical measures", you know it's not good.

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