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Friday, March 24, 2006

Tough love needed for Toronto 
(en francais)

Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy continues to sock it to "his blondeness", Toronto Mayor David Miller. Keep up the good work.

This year's municipal elections should be interesting. The way things are going, giving Toronto council additional taxing powers is tantamount to giving an addict the keys to the pharmacy.
Miller gets his fix

It's clear to me no amount of bailouts or tax increases will ever be enough for Miller and his spendaholics.

Judith Andrew of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said there's nothing in the budget to encourage small business to stay in Toronto. "I predict every bit of (the bailout) will be spent and the city is currently scouring around to figure out how they will use their City of Toronto Act powers to tax, levy and charge," she said.

Coun. Doug Holyday said it was irresponsible of the province to give Miller & Co. $200 million "when they won't lift a finger to help themselves. All the excess spending is just going to continue because there really is a fairy godmother."

In short, a little tough love was needed from the province yesteray. Once again, McGuinty let taxpayers down.

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