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Monday, April 03, 2006

American school seeking Canadian info 
(en francais)

An excellent opportunity to reach out. Take a few minutes and forward something on your community. H/T to Scott Tribe @ Progressive Bloggers.
Attention all bloggers - Seattle school wants info about us (Canada).

While visiting my folks this weekend, my mom showed me a very interesting letter to the editor to the Saturday edition of the London Free Press that a school teacher in Seattle wrote.. interesting enough to me and I feel potentially of interest to the blogging community that I am posting it here... The letter is as follows:

I'm a 6th-grade social studies teacher from a public school district in Seattle, Wash. writing to request your assistance with a class project on Canada that I plan to introduce in April. Since 6th grade is the only year students in my district study Canada before graduating... I develop creative curricula that go beyond textbooks. I want students to become responsible global citizens with an appreciation for the complexities of the Canada-US relationship. My unit on Canada will provide traditional content about political and physical geography, culture, history, and climate. Students will also become 'reporters at large' assigned to follow regional news stories in Canada....

Through reader to reader, I'm hoping readers will write or email my class a 1 paragraph description about your community. A photograph, sketch, small artifact, magazine article or clipping would be greatly welcomed. My students would like to know how your community is culturally or geographically unique, what the economic or resource base is, what particular attributes it is known for, or what famous event or person is connected with your community.

I am making the same request of several newspapers throughout Canada and am hoping that most will participate. In emails, please use From Canada as the subject line so reply messages are not blocked. Let us know from which newspaper or publication you learned about our 'great learning conspiracy'. And please tell us how to pronounce the name of your comunity.

Thank You,
Melinda Terry, Evergreen middle school
7621 Beverly Lane
Everett, WA 98203

Now I know she mentioned newspapers or publications is where she sent this letter to, but I dont think bloggers are restricted from sending stuff in to them, and saying you saw it on a blogging site would be perfectly fine (as well as making them aware about the political blogging community in Canada).

I hope some of you bloggers and/or readers will send something of interest to them. Its not often you get a US request for information on Canada every day, so here's your chance to do so and to help promote the community you live in.
I've sent my blurb on Windsor, Ontario - what about you?

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