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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beat the hydro price increase and save money 
(en francais)

After this mornings rant on hydro, here's a little something to help. These two calculators demonstrate how easy it is to reduce your energy usage and save money
Calculate Potential Savings From Power Managing Your Computers

Designed for use by large companies, this little calculator works just as well for home use. Two or three computers running at home? Plug the numbers in and see the difference.
Westinghouse Lighting Corporation Energy Savings Calculator for compact fluorescent lights

Simply plug in the number and wattage of your current bulbs and hit the calculate button. Many people would be surprised at the savings. With the cost of CFL lights running between $10 to $15 for a package of 3, any money spent is quickly returned.
Using simple strategies like these two and others such as turning down the temperature on the water heater, fridge and freezer I was able to reduce our company's hydro bill by over 48%. We operate from 6 at night to 6 in the morning, so lighting played a large role in our costs.

The power of the internet and search engines like Google make exercises like this easy. I continue to look for simple, no-cost/low-cost ways to reduce costs.

* How about moving the fridge another inch or two away from the wall to ensure a good airflow and better operation? Clean coils twice a year.

* Insulate your water tank (if necessary) and hot/cold pipes.

* Live in Newmarket, Ontario? - save $11 dollars on a six pack of CFL lights

* Live in Ottawa? - Hydro Ottawa customers can obtain a free powerWISE Power Pack that contains two compact fluorescent light bulbs, an energy efficient nightlight as well as tips and other information on how to conserve energy. ($20.00 value - valid until September 2006)

* Live in Toronto? - TAPS - up to two low flow showerheads, low flow kitchen and bathroom aerators, foam pipe insulation to and from hot water heater, 4 CFL lights - FREE

Add your own ideas and programs in the comments.

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