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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Liberal Website joins the 21st century - kind of 
(en francais)

With the Liberal leadership race underway, I thought I'd drop by and see how they're making out with those memberships.

They've managed to put together an online membership application - but alas, like much of the Liberal party, it doesn't work. (Note: I tested it in Firefox, haven't tried IE as yet. If someone else wants to give it a whack in IE leave your results in the comments)

Surprisingly, not much luck with the donations page in Firefox either. I guess not too many people were paying attention to that seminar by American Democratic fundraiser Joe Trippi. If you want to collect money and memberships online, you might want to make sure it works.

Maybe if they post a picture of a plain brown envelope on the page, things will work better. It always worked for them in the past.

Update: tested membership page in IE as well - still no go. I suppose it still takes a special kind of person to join the Liberal party during a leadership race. Some things never change.

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