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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bloggers Parliamentary Toolkit 
(en francais)

A few links to help fellow bloggers when they're digging for info.

Parliament of Canada - starting point for just about any info related to the Parliament and Senate

Hansard - available in html and as a .pdf

Parlvu - webcast of House of Commons and committee meetings. Mixture of audio and video. Good schedule of what/when anything will be broadcast

CPAC - streaming video of House and various other events. Several shows such as Prime Time Politics

How'd They Vote? - aims to be a non-partisan website which provides a variety of in-depth information on the operations of the Canadian Parliament, specifically, how our politicians vote and what they've said. We take the Hansards from the parliament website, and extract information on bills, members of parliament, votes, and speeches. The Hansards are an excellent resource, but it is not the mandate of the parliament website to fully index the Hansards and extract every nugget of interesting information from them.

Government of Canada Newsroom
- view releases online or subscribe with RSS

Canada Gazette - official newspaper of the Government of Canada

My Government Account
- quirky little feature. Once you're past the very annoying signup (Firefox users will get an error message - but the process still works), you have your own space to store links to various government websites/services.

Government of Canada Electronic Directory Service - directory of federal public servants for all regions across Canada.

Departments and Agencies of the Government of Canada
- alphabetical listing, website links

T20 - tech resources for Tories

That should be enough to get you up and running.

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